Try Not To Think For A While

In 24 hours of the day how much time we spend on thinking. My guess is that almost all the time we are thinking about something, now a days we have a culture of constantly checking our phones for the status updates of the people that we do not care at all.

Our mind is busy all the time, and we feel awesome while multitasking, thinking that we are very efficient. I have seen my friends switching on the television just for the background noise. Well, that was not the way we lived in the past, and it is certainly not the right way, It is very important to not to think for a while. Our mind is a thinking machine and wants to be busy all the time, in a way it controls us.

meditationTo set things into perspective, before going to bed try to recall the things that you were thinking all day long, it will turn out that those were irrelevant things and you didn’t have any control over it on how to stop thinking for a while.

Some time back I read “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle and one of the greatest revelations I had from this book is “We are not our mind”. This book talks about being present in the moment, and it is answer to all the anxiety we have for the future and all the regrets we had in the past and meditation can help us be in the present moment. This book also talks about how we can improve our immune system. Thank you so much Rehan Allahwala for suggesting me the book.

Meditation is one of the tools which is at our disposal which can help us not to think for a while and just focusing on our breathing pattern is one of the ways to practice meditation easily. We are surrounded by noise and unwanted messages all the time and it is very important to be with ourselves even if it is only for 5 minutes.

Thank you,



Soon Vs Now

All of us have something that we always wanted to do i.e. preparing for a new job or start going to gym and we have always come up with the word soon for it, almost all the time. We know it is very important and we ultimately have to do it someday but, almost all the time we take it for granted.

Why do we do that?

We always think that we can do the things in future and take many things for granted. We have also come up with New Year Resolution for doing the things we always wanted to do.

How many of you remember the last year’s resolution, and if you are fortunate enough to remember it, I bet you could not stick to it till the end of this year.

minimal-desktop-wallpaper-here-and-nowNew year is just a date on a calendar and nothing more. The most important day is now.. right now in this moment. We have all the things we need to be whatever we want to become, and it’s a trick that our mind plays to make things complicated(more on this later). We should focus on doing things from today only and the day we start doing things we always wanted to do becomes the first day.

Of course  it’s awesome to celebrate the new year, but how does it make you feel on the second day of the next year, doing the same things that you were doing last year.

It sucks right. It doesn’t have to be that way though, all we have to do is decide that now is the time for doing the things we always wanted to do and Just Do it.

Thank you,



Power Of Randomness

People whom we call best friends today, were complete strangers at one point of time in our life. We often hesitate to talk to strangers, and I have seen many people who don’t want to talk to people who are strangers, by simply saying that they are introvert and they don’t like to talk to strangers.

If you are among those people, this post is for specially you.

1251118-368-kc9a207Our best friend, was once a complete stranger, people whom we work with and we say that we have a bond together was once a stranger and it was completely random how they gotten into our lives. In our school all the children were picked randomly and were placed in one class and from there we got our first best friend, was it random ?

Well it looked like random, but was a part of a bigger plan.

I am one of those people who believe that there is no such thing as “random”, I believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe so because of my Islamic background.

Of course we choose with whom we have to spend time with, but we choose our favorite from a complete random domain, over which we don’t have any control. What I am trying to convey here is meet everybody and do not hesitate in building relationship with new people, and be open to them. We never know who would become our next best friend.

One of the great connector with whom I am learning so much on daily basis is Rehan Allahwala. He connects people over Facebook and he has been doing so for past couple of years. I really appreciate his effort on bringing people from all walks of life together. Thank you Rehan Allahwala for your continuous efforts and helping many people build new connections.

Thank you,





What We Could Learn From Failures

Everyone has come across a person who has many luxuries in their lives and we watch them fighting over petty issues. I know I have, because I was one of those person who had everything and was not realizing it for a very long time.

I have seen many people who have never faced failure and it is only after the encounter of failure, we gain consciousness of the successes we had in the past and also it makes us feel more grateful towards life. Gaining consciousness is one of the best things that can happen to anybody.

failureFor me it was very important to fail at something, because I never had seen failure in my life before and people who have seen only successes have difficulty in cherishing it for a longer time and they tend to think it was meant to be that way. We tend to believe that the successes we had in the past was because of our own effort, and this gave us a sense of hubristic pride which did not last long enough.

We are successful because of the people around us . It was the life situation around us which made us victorious in the past and we have to keep that in mind and we should express gratitude towards all the people who supported us during that time, because it is only because of them we are successful now.

Thank you,


Nobody Is Wrong

One of the most notorious public enemies of United States was Al Capone, and he regarded himself as public benefactor.

Is it strange behavior?

When was the last time you accepted that you were wrong entirely?
nobodyIsWrongIf something went wrong, it is not our fault and we tend to blame things on others, this is the reason we have a culture of “Blame Game” in corporate, and nobody wants to be responsible for the fault.

Many things which are legal in one country, are illegal in others, what message are you getting from this?

This means that a large number of people in one country have an opinion which is different than people living in other country.

We all are aware of the atrocities done by upper caste to the lower caste in India almost a century back, and same goes with white people on black people in America. It was only because lot of people believed that this is the way it should be and then it became a culture until someone changed it completely .

Next time if you have any challenges with dealing with people try to get into other person’s point of view and see things from their perspective, and remember that nobody is wrong and everybody has perspective.

Thank you,


The Law Of Autheticity

There is a reason why we love artists.  If we like the art created by them we love them.
Think about it, most of us have seen artists performing for the first time in Indian or American Idol and we have a preconceived notion about the singer before he has performed and we use to judge them based on their outward appearance. That perception drastically changes if the artist has a majestic  voice and performs very well, afterwards we tend to like them or at least see them differently.
So what changed here he was the same before and after the performance.

What made us like them?

AuthenticityThe reason why we liked them is because they shared their art with  us and we liked it and this made us like them. They were 100% authentic during the performance and we loved it.

If a very few people like you that means you are not open to most of the people you meet and the chances are that you do not express yourself very well.You are an amazing person and the only reason why others don’t get it is because you do not share properly.

In one of the book that I read couple of weeks back “The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea”, the author Bob Burg talks about the Law of Authenticity, It says that the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. It means be authentic to other people and they will cherish it.

I loved this book and I would recommend it to everyone, this book has a changed my perception drastically. Thank you Eldho Thomas sir for recommending me this book.

Thank you,



Be Reasonable And Not Skeptical

In my experience in IT field there are generally two types of people, one who are open to new experiences and learning and other ones are the people who are skeptical about almost everything, these are “know it all” guys.

In the book “How Google Works” the author  Eric Schmidt described these people as Hippos, they destroy the people in front of them with their experience rather than merit and it is really difficult to convince them for any idea.

These Hippos are everywhere in hierarchy model of a corporate, and this is the reason why there are revolutionary things happening in startups rather than in big corporate offices.

reasonableBeing reasonable and being skeptical are two different things, people who are skeptical stick to their point of view not matter what, and people who are reasonable would might change their perspective after the discussion.

We should always be open to new learning and possibilities, because learning can come from anywhere irrespective of experience and hierarchy. I have learnt so many things from my juniors and it has truly changed my life.

Thank you,



Getting A Job You Love

Couple of days back I was chatting with one of my friends over tea and he said he would rather have 5 days a week job than 6 days a week because it will give him time to do the things he really wanted to do and make some money out of it.

It is really awesome to think like this and he is very productive, and many of us who are really hard working and want to do something great, think exactly like this.

Well, wouldn’t it be awesome if he would search for a job where he really likes the work not just for money but also for the nature of the work, so that the it doesn’t feel like working.

jobGetting a job which fulfill not only financially but also spiritually, where we connect with the vision of the company is much more important. It’s very simple, if we love our work we will not feel like working instead we would like to work even more since we would be enjoying it.
I remember my time during training in TCS, we use to work 7 days a week from 9 AM till 9 PM, and if given a chance I would love to do that again. I was really enjoying that time.
I have a friend of mine who likes to code, he code in office , at his home everywhere. He is passionate about coding.
With that said, What are you passionate about?
If you are not passionate about anything, better find something otherwise you will be leading an unconscious life, doing the things which you don’t even know why you are doing it in the first place, and if you have something you are passionate about do something about it. Look around, all the things which are built around you is a fantastic work of some crazy passionate people, who started just like us.
I believe we all can find a job that we strive for and love.
Thank you,


Why We Should Smile More

There is an old Chinese proverb which says “A man without a smiling face must never open a shop“.
When was the last time you smiled during office hours apart from cracking a joke with your best buddies at work. We have become so professional in our jobs that we have almost forgotten this virtue.

Almost all the time we notice our superiors, not smiling and only giving orders, talking to us only when it is necessary, and then we always talk about the cold nature of the boss. What we forget in the process that we also act the same way, so why we are expecting them to be nice.For those who have forgotten this virtue needs it the most from others.

Smile costs nothing and in return gives a sense of fulfillment to the other person and also to us.

smileWe also believe that for smiling we have to be happy from the inside first then only we can smile. The studies show something different. There is a psychological study on smile which says if we smile for 3-4 minutes for no reason, we can be become happy from the inside.

Sounds ridiculous..!!

Our mind get fooled by the smile and if we continue to smile long enough it believes as if it is true and the mind start remembering the good things from the past and present and we become happy from the inside.

Smile is contagious, and it spreads happiness, please try to smile even if you are not happy from the inside, trust me the universe will make you happy if you smile long enough.

Thank you,



What Story You Are Creating?

We all tell ourselves a story.

A story, which we believe in, some call it a lie others call it the point of view, everyone has a story for almost everything. People who succeed or fail in their life have their own story. Constantly we are making our stories.

Are you making your story full of problems and difficulties?

I hope you are making a story full of challenges to overcome because that will be pretty awesome and I would love to hear it someday.

We all like stories with the protagonist does the things which trills us and that makes us fall in love with the story and nobody likes a boring story with same plots and characters.

One thing that I would like to remind that whatever story we are weaving on daily basis, we should try not to be boring and do some introspection to get to know at least where our story is going.

Is it standing still or moving forward?

Seriously, where is it going?

I hope you gave a thought on this before, if not now is the best time.

Thank you,