Everybody is becoming a Public figure

We are living in a greatest time of all, where ideas (if potential) can spread like a wild fire.This is so great; but many of us are taking it for granted (or at least the people who haven’t realized it yet).

Yesterday I was watching a movie “12 Years A Slave“, as I was watching it I was feeling gratitude towards the time we are living in right now.The movie is based on real life story of Solomon Northup In the movie the protagonist was living in slavery because of some unfortunate series of events and he was a free man from New York.It took him 12 years to send a message to his family so that he can reclaim his freedom.

So you see how difficult it was at that time to send a message .. !

And now  we can share our stuff at any time from any place, and it would be seen by thousands of people (Isn’t this GREAT..!!)

What we can do to take this opportunity seriously is while sharing we should research our work that we are sharing and make sure that we are not becoming the part of the noise.

In this time an article published at Facebook has more chances of being read and noticed by right kind of people  than the article in 3rd page of the leading newspaper in town.

In that way we are all becoming public figures and we should also act like one. Taking responsibility of what we share by becoming more aware of the things that we are sharing.

Hope you gain some value from it.

Thank you for reading.


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