We are average of 5

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It might sound weird to some of you but it is so true.So what does it mean when I say that “We are average of 5″.

It means that whatever we do in our life is average of 5 of the people we interact with most of time and it is a fact that we’ll end up just like them.

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  • Our day is average of 5 different things that happened on that day.
  • Our health is the average of 5 food that we eat most of time.
  • Our thought process is the average of 5 things that we think about most of time.
  • Our nature is the average of 5 people whom we want to be in future.(consciously or subconsciously)


This is the reason people working in very competitive environment end up being of that very nature. Culture plays a very important role in any work environment. I have heard many of my friends who are placed in Samsung that when they go to South Korea, and see Korean work like crazy, they end up working hard too, because they are surrounded by people who work hard.

A guy playing cricket in his school team has much more shot of becoming a professional cricket player than a guy who is not(irrespective of how good he is).

So now that you are aware of this knowledge you can use it for your benefit. In our IT professional field I have seen many people contented with their lives , so if you don’t like their way of life; better stay away from them and find new friends to hangout with who could motivate you to do better in life (even if it means eating alone in cafeteria for a while).

This is the reason why so many people in silicon valley are changing the world, and there are so many opportunities in Bangalore , because their average of 5  is far much better than anywhere else.

It’s very important to choose right friends to succeed in life .There is an old saying in Hindi “Sangat ka asar padta hai“, and I found it so true.

Hope you find value from this article.

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