Importance Of Having Goals

Hi everyone,
Today I am going to talk about importance of having goals.
We are all goal oriented people, from the very beginning when we were in nursery OR prep, we knew what our goal were, which was to go to next class and since then we all had an yearly goal of getting promoted to next class.
Now that many of us is working right now, I find many of us don’t have any more goals to achieve (getting a higher band in TCS or in other MNCs is not a goal worth fighting for).

achieving-career-goals-issues-strategies-043011-2-728A goal should lead you to somewhere, a place where you want to be.
It is very sad that the company in which we are working sets goal for us and also evaluate us on the basis of what we have achieved, but How many of us have set goals for ourself and have evaluated ourself if we have achieved it or not? 

If the answer to the above question is no then I think we have to do some introspection.
We should all be goal orientated, because it is only then we would know if we are standing still or going in forward direction, and in this fast moving economy if we are standing still we will be left behind.
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