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Couple of days ago I watched the movie “Theory of Everything”.I am going to share what I learned from this movie.

This movie is about the scientist Stephen Hawking. I would recommend this movie to everyone because this movie is about struggle and overcoming them no matter what.


Watching Stephen Hawking going cripple day by day was very tough, at one point of time I felt like crying.I realized that God is so generous to me. I realized the importance of each and every body parts. Many of us are healthy and many times we take that for granted and we never realize that health is the greatest asset of all and we almost never thank God for giving this wonderful body of ours.

It was very easy for Stephen Hawking to blame everything to God and live a mediocre life , but with support of his wife,he gave an example of extraordinary strength and courage.

Well at this point we might think that he is different from everybody else and yes he is , but he also had those moments where he felt that everything is falling apart and he managed to came out of it and became a success.

This movie made me realize how important it is to have a strong and supporting spouse.I am pretty sure that he could not have achieved anything if he did not have support of his wife Jane Wilde Hawking.

We see success as an individual thing that means Stephen Hawking  is successful because of his extraordinary mind and hard work but there are so many people behind that success and those people are in background almost invisible.

Hope you find some value from it.Shares and comments would be appreciated.

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24 thoughts on “Theory Of Everything

  1. I’ve gone through each comment on this post… Everyone is appreciating your writing…..
    Now I am thinking of all those steps taken towards a different (not different for this time), I should say unique would’ve been appreciated…


  2. I just have to watch the movie…
    I don’t know how I missed it…

    And yes it’s true a supporting spouse is all you need…
    I’m reminded of the old cliché ” har aadmi ki safalta ke peeche ek aurat ka haath hota hai” 😀


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