Tamasha ….!!!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you Prabhu for recommending The Movie for so long that I finally watched it and it was really worth it. Here are my views on the movie and the learnings.


Many people will not like this movie because it shakes our belief system. We are in a rat race and want to be number one in it without knowing where we are heading and more importantly why we are doing it in the first place(I too admit that I am among those people). Well some of us are lucky enough to be among top ten, rest is average and we like to be like that and it is sad.

This movie talks about “WHY“. How many of us have asked WHY we are doing what we are doing and got a convincing answer?

If the answer is I am doing just because everybody is doing then my dear friend, something is wrong in the equation and you should sort it out before it’s too late. Actually nobody has asked us that very question for a very long time(I know none of my family members has asked it to me).

It is wrong to be a mediocre, I remember the time when I was awesome and unbelievable, it was the time when I was still a boy and I remember my dream of being the conqueror of the world. Well sadly I killed that boy gradually and now that I am grown up , I am realistic and mature, just want to survive. I know it is sad but aren’t many of you just like me.


I know that not everybody will like this post just like the movie, but that’s not the point.

This movie talks about doing what you love and doing the things you are passionate about and going out ways to do that(even if it scares the hell out of you). This movie inspires me to make my own story awesome.

Hope you get some value from it. Shares and comments are much appreciated.

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