The Connection Economy

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The current economy in which we are living in is The Connection Economy, one of the term frequently used by American Entrepreneur Seth Godin. To understand this we have to first acknowledge that the age of industrial economy is over; which was started by Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and many other industrialist who ruled in 20th century. It was revolutionary and it changed the world. Jobs didn’t existed on large scale before the industrial revolution and a culture was born in which you have to perform a task and do what you are told and get paid for the rest of your life.

That period is over now, this economy does not need so many people doing manual work and the industries are automating the process where ever it is possible. They need less manual work and are more machine reliant.

sethgodin-abundanceWe live in the connection economy where everybody is connected to everybody else and that’s just great. If you are a service provider you just have to connect to the person to whom you are providing the service, with the advent of Technology your circle got just bigger than ever.

Let’s say you are a teacher and you want to teach, with the right usage technology you can even reach to the student living in Ukraine while sitting at your sofa in New Delhi solving math equations.

With less and less job security and more and more automation we have to have a job where no machine can replace us and to support this we have an awesome economy backed by Information Technology.

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