Difficulties are Good

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Dyslexia is reading disorder, you might be aware about this from the movie Taare Zamin Par. Yes, it was very inspiring movie and the kid was having reading disorder. What I would it I like to highlight here that, it is extremely difficult to learn if any child is having this disorder. Kids having Dyslexia have a very difficult childhood.

difficultiesaregood2Here is the list of people who have achieved great success in spite of Dyslexia, few among them are English businessman and investor Richard BransonAlbert EinsteinThomas Edison and the list is endless.

We might not be in the circle of the these extra ordinary people but let me tell you that if you have noticed we all had that one guy in the class who was not sharp and intelligent enough but certainly was doing very well in the class. Even sometimes better than most of the students and end up among the top performers of the class. This is a classic example of an underdog. That guy acknowledged the fact that he is an underdog and went crazy about the studies which led him to be at the top.

difficultiesaregood1What I am try to convey here is that these people converted their weakness into tremendous strength and their disadvantage into advantages.

Everybody has some weakness and strength, we have to convert our weaknesses into strengths. I could not think of a better example for resilience than the people excelling in every walks of life in spite of having Dyslexia. I think we all should learn from this.

Hope you find some value from it.

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