Why Playing Safe Not Is Good For You

We all want to play safe in life and we are so focused in playing safe that we don’t play at all.

Malcolm Galdwell in his book David and Goliath mentions that people who have seen the worst and came out of it are more courageous than those who have never had the experience of it at all.

Most of us live in peace and we don’t have anything forced upon us except for the brothers and sisters in middle east who are fighting a war. In rest of the world where we have peace and harmony we don’t go out of the way and we don’t take risk at all because we have options and we choose being safe.

playingsafeWe think we are here forever and things are not going to change, well that’s not true, not true at all. We all know about the crisis happening every now and then and if we are not prepared we might get hit.


So being prepared means having an experience of taking risk and going out of the comfort zone again and again and making a habit of living outside of the comfort zone.
It’s OK to be afraid, but it’s not OK to be afraid of being afraid.

Hope you find some value from it.

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