Why You Should Listen More

There is a message in everything, we should learn something from the fact that we have two ears and one tongue and it tells us, that we should listen twice as much as we speak.

So why don’t we.

We all want to be heard attentively, so why don’t we listen and get the other person’s opinion first, before talking.

listen_moreMany times the problem get solved just by listening to the other person. In the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People the author Dale Carnegie describes the active listening of  Sigmund Freud as Soul Penetrating and extraordinary and says that he listened so attentively that he didn’t have any idea of what it is meant to be listened like that.

In his book he also mentioned that at one time President Abraham Lincoln during the darkest hour of Civil war, called one of his neighbor to the White House to discuss a matter, Lincoln talked for hours and went over all the arguments for and against the matter, in the end he did not even ask for his neighbor’s opinion, all he wanted was a sympathetic listener to whom he could unburden himself. That is all we ever want when we are in trouble.

Listening is the virtue of all the great people around us and we should practice it more.

Hope you find some value from it.

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