We All Need A Mentor

We all have been raised from childhood to achieve specific goal in our life, the goal may be getting promoted to a higher class or to win a cricket match.

In all those times we all have been looking up for guidance to the people above us and at that time they were our father, mother ,cricket coach or our big brother and we all grew up wanting to be like them.

mentorsNow that we are matured and many of us don’t have a concrete goal in front of us to achieve and our life is stable, we think this is it and we don’t feel like going an extra mile.

Well, we have always been like that, it was the mentors who were behind us who knew our true potential and pushed us further and we owe it to them big time for making us realize our potential.

I think that many of us don’t feel like having a mentor now, instead we take suggestions from the friends who are at our level only hence do not grow in our life the way we have grown in the past.


If you do not have a mentor , I would suggest to find one and follow him. For me books are one of the greatest mentor and helps me broaden my horizon.

Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Dale Carnegie, James Altucher and many others are my mentors who inspires me to think different and be unique and take risks and I am grateful to them. I am still searching for a mentor who can guide me personally who can help me reach my potential, I know I’ll find him one day because I am searching for him.

Hope you find some value from it.

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