Challenging the Status Quo

I have recently listened to one of the podcasts of James Altucher where he interviewed Duck Duck Go CEO Gabriel Weinberg.

This guy is awesome, he is the founder of a search engine Duck Duck Go, which was launched 7 years back and he is doing quite good right now. Creating a new search engine is really mind boggling and he along with his team (around 20 people) are stealing millions of users from Google every single day.


He is fighting against the most powerful company in the world, it is like Steve Jobs fighting with IBM in his days. He is challenging the Status Quo.

Steve jobs in one of his interview said that the world around us has been built by people like us, but at the same time we have been told to fit it in, and do what everybody else is doing, get a job , save some money and that’s it. Well we have an option not to be like that and if we choose to be different, sure some people might say that we have gone crazy.

Think about it, whenever Gabriel would have said that he is building a search engine better than google, everybody in the hall must have laughed at him, well not anymore.

It is OK to be laughed at for sometime, we called Steve Jobs a visionary and yet many among us do not know what it means, well in simple terms it means that seeing things what many can’t.

Steve Jobs was a visionary and so is Gabriel Weinberg. I am very grateful to James Altucher for his weekly podcasts. It is giving me strength to pursue my dreams and to be different.

Hope you find some value from it.

Thank you,




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