The Bucket List

Last night I watched a movie The Bucket List, this movie is about 2 guys who are in the last stage of cancer and now have only six months to live. They prepare something called a bucket list which have the list of things that they want to do before they die.

the bucket listIn their bucket list there were many items which scare the hell out of them, but since they wanted to do it, they did it anyway.

Well, I believe we all have something which we want to achieve before we die but we do not have audacity to write those things down a sheet of paper.

May I ask why..?

Why are we scared of writing it down?

I think it is the fear of failure. The fear which is deep down in our heart which says what if we can’t do it. Well I believe the first step to face that fear is to write down what we want to accomplish in our life.

It is OK to fantasize, because only those who do, accomplish it. What I learned from this movie is to prepare my bucket list before it’s too late and of course do something about it.

Hope you find some value from it.

Thank you,






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