Why We Should Smile More

There is an old Chinese proverb which says “A man without a smiling face must never open a shop“.
When was the last time you smiled during office hours apart from cracking a joke with your best buddies at work. We have become so professional in our jobs that we have almost forgotten this virtue.

Almost all the time we notice our superiors, not smiling and only giving orders, talking to us only when it is necessary, and then we always talk about the cold nature of the boss. What we forget in the process that we also act the same way, so why we are expecting them to be nice.For those who have forgotten this virtue needs it the most from others.

Smile costs nothing and in return gives a sense of fulfillment to the other person and also to us.

smileWe also believe that for smiling we have to be happy from the inside first then only we can smile. The studies show something different. There is a psychological study on smile which says if we smile for 3-4 minutes for no reason, we can be become happy from the inside.

Sounds ridiculous..!!

Our mind get fooled by the smile and if we continue to smile long enough it believes as if it is true and the mind start remembering the good things from the past and present and we become happy from the inside.

Smile is contagious, and it spreads happiness, please try to smile even if you are not happy from the inside, trust me the universe will make you happy if you smile long enough.

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