Nobody Is Wrong

One of the most notorious public enemies of United States was Al Capone, and he regarded himself as public benefactor.

Is it strange behavior?

When was the last time you accepted that you were wrong entirely?
nobodyIsWrongIf something went wrong, it is not our fault and we tend to blame things on others, this is the reason we have a culture of “Blame Game” in corporate, and nobody wants to be responsible for the fault.

Many things which are legal in one country, are illegal in others, what message are you getting from this?

This means that a large number of people in one country have an opinion which is different than people living in other country.

We all are aware of the atrocities done by upper caste to the lower caste in India almost a century back, and same goes with white people on black people in America. It was only because lot of people believed that this is the way it should be and then it became a culture until someone changed it completely .

Next time if you have any challenges with dealing with people try to get into other person’s point of view and see things from their perspective, and remember that nobody is wrong and everybody has perspective.

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