Learning From My Failure

We always have something to do in the pipeline, and then we finally start doing it. But for some apparent reason we could not continue.

Learning-FailuretoSuccessThe same thing happened to me when I was in college, I started a tech blog, and I was going great and the reason for doing a tech blog was to attract visitors to on my blog, and in the beginning it did attract many people. But then I started losing visitors for no apparent reason of my own, and ultimately I could not continue doing it. I lost the motivation of posting every single day knowing that a very few people are going to read it.

It’s only after so many years I learnt  that goal setting was not done properly. If I would have set the goal to continue blogging not matter what, things would have been very different by now, and I forgive myself for for not setting the goals the way I should have. Again, we learn way to much from failures than successes.

If you are going to start something, it is very crucial to have concrete principle in hand and the things which you would do no matter what.

I love this way of doing things, it makes me strong.

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Discussing Problem is Not Enough

In our daily life, we are accustomed to hear so many problems, we have problems in the office, at home, in the locality etc. Basically, we are surrounded by one problem or the other, and we generally love discussing it, specially if it involves a group of people.

problem-solutionSo many people are getting paid in news and media industry just to discuss the problems. Now a days whenever I open Facebook, the chances of someone discussing a problem is 100%. With that said, it’s really amazing to see that most of us are aware of the problems around us, and we certainly have reached to a point where a problem is highly unlikely to be unseen.

But you see, that’s not enough. The reason we discuss the problem for so long is because nobody is discussing it with a solution in hand. Moreover we don’t even focus on getting the solution sometimes, because we are so consumed in the discussion that we even forget that we have to come up with the solution.

We should all be aware while discussing a problem, that we are discussing it to resolve it and all our actions should revolve around it, because then only we would have a solution in minimum time period.

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Pressure of Being Phenomenal


When we are creating something, we want it to be awesome, and we never compromise on it. For example, if we have to create a video or a picture and upload it to Facebook, we like to do it in the best possible manner.

phenomenalWe want our work to be phenomenal  and it’s a good thing too, but we have to be careful with that word, because sometimes it consumes ourselves and suck the joy out of the process.

Working on your creation to make it awesome is only a part of the creative process, we should focus more on getting things done than anything else, and also prioritize things so that we could publish our work in the desired time frame.

Thank you,

Being Critical of Ourselves

If you are able to get to this post and you are reading it on your mobile phone then you have more information available than the last king of France. This was the statement said by Seth Godin in one of his Facebook posts.

If you have not realized this fact yet then you need to do some homework on how to find things on the Internet. So now we have established that there is so much knowledge available at our fingertips, and with knowledge comes power. So we are equally powerful then.

critical-spiritIn spite of that we are so critical of ourselves, meaning we almost never forgive ourselves for our mistakes and also for other people’s mistakes. I have received many feedback that my grammar and sentences are not up to the expectations. I understand. Well, I don’t mind getting negative feedback and I take it in a very positive way and I enjoy getting feedback irrespective of its nature.

What I would like to talk about is that we regularly give feedback to ourselves also and many times we curse ourselves for the things that we have done in the past or things that didn’t work out the way it was meant to be and we demean ourselves for not living up to the expectations, which were set by ourselves.

Please forgive yourself for the things that didn’t work out the way you wanted it to be. Forgive yourself for not waking up early in the morning and snoozing the alarm several times, and also forgive me , if I had done anything in the past to offend you, and sometimes not fulfilling the level of your expectation.

I would like to remind you that you can still do so much with the information you have at your fingertips,  so instead of being critical and whining about it we should try to find something which could help us in become better.

Thank you,



Thank you so much timelesswheel for mentioning me here with great bloggers.


A few days back, Hira nominated me for the Blogger recognition award. I’m delighted and thank you Hira for thinking of me 🙂 I know it took a while, but here it is 🙂

I found out that these awards were started by Edge of Night. Correct me, if wrong 🙂

“these little awards are a small gesture of goodwill that have a big impact on the people who receive them.”

blogger recognition award.png

All the bloggers I’m mentioning below, have had an effect on me and have inspired me in some way. I value their inputs, whether it be as their posts or likes/comments on mine.

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Things We Could Do

“I hate my job”.

I have heard above line many times in my 3 years of corporate career and sometimes I said it to myself also. In spite of that we are so efficient in doing our job that we could do it even with our closed eyes. We just happen to know everything about it and we are very proud of being efficient. At the same time we also hate it for whatever reason.

loveWith that being said, we all have something we really dig. Many of my friends like to teach in a university, some of them want to have their own venture etc.

The point I am trying to make here is “If we are so efficient in doing the things we don’t like, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just do the things we love”.

So what do you love to do?

Try to share it with your peers, you might get a step closer in doing it.

Thank you,

Acknowledge The Fear

Sometimes we like to save the best things for some special day, we have no idea about this special day but we like to save things for the future. It keeps us happy knowing that we have something special saved.

FearI have one friend of mine who says that he has a wonderful idea that would change his life and he is saving it for the future, and he would implement it when he is settled, this feeling gives him a hope, more accurately a false hope, a reason to delay. This state is very dangerous, because in this state we are living in the denial of our fear and insecurities and instead of acknowledging it we delay things.

This stops our growth, and  if we are determined to grow we have to acknowledge the fear and insecurities in us and there are no shortcuts for this. Acknowledging does not mean that we become super awesome the moment we acknowledge it, but instead it means we know it’s there and proceed with it.

Thank you,


Why Loyalty is Important

We live in the world where everybody is gunning for cheap and best and loyalty is rarely seen.

We are accustomed to compare the price and choose whoever is having the cheapest deal. Same goes for people doing freelancing, as in that field also the customers always want cheap and best. This is a never ending race and only customers benefit from it. Well, I am not judging if it is right or wrong.

liarsHowever there are another set of people and organizations who don’t talk about being cheap, rather their focus is to create something which have an impact, that something is a relationship, an amazing product or service and they are doing really great. American entrepreneur and investor Seth Godin talks about this phenomenon in his book “All Marketers Are Liars: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works–and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All“.

We have a choice either we could be among people who fight to be cheap and best or we could create a culture which cares for relationship and customer satisfaction because that’s  where loyalty comes from and because it has a long lasting impact.

Thank you,

Book Review :Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration

Yesterday I completed the book “Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration“,   by Dr. Ed Catmull co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

I have many learning from this book and I have shared few of them in my earlier posts. This book contains the journey of Ed Catmull, since his childhood dream of becoming an animator at Disney till becoming the President of Pixar and Disney both. It was really awesome to see his dream unfolding bit by bit.

One of the major key takeaways from his experiences is that where we are right we can not predict the future all we can do is to hold on to the dream that we have right now and never let it go. There were many times in his journey where he had no idea where his life was going but he had that one dream with him.

However one thing struck me in his journey was that when he did get a chance to work at Disney, he refused, and that story is pretty great too.

creativityIncIn this book he has mentioned that he was always fascinated by people who were doing really great in silicon valley and then collapsed after sometime and he didn’t want it for Pixar hence devoted his life in studying successful people and he has shared all his wisdom related to this in the book, it was really awesome to get an insight from the man behind the greatest animation studio of all time.

Well, I got to know that Pixar was never intended to do animation rather it was a computer graphics company and Steve Jobs purchased it for making high end machines. The journey from a failed computer graphics company to the most successful animation studio is really worth reading.

He has shared most of the things which Pixar studios does while making a feature film and also explains why they have put a particular process in that way. He has written various visualization techniques employed by top executives at Pixar to get through hardship of making a movie. One of the things that he stressed the most was that, ideas can come from anywhere and he also have shared many stories to support that fact.

He has written about the earlier versions of various movies that Pixar have made and I was shocked to know the stories of their earlier versions, because that had nothing to do with the final version (the ones which we saw at the theater), he also describes how important it is to come up with an idea and enhance the idea every single day to make a great movie.

He had a very friendly relationship with Steve Jobs and it was really amazing to get to know his journey with Steve. He mentioned that how Steve got changed in later period of his life and how it had to do with Pixar.

I would recommend this book to people who have a creative job profile or people who want to create something because this book would provide an insight on how to get people to work with you , I would also recommend this book to Steve’s fans because it was really awesome to get to know Steve from perspective of such a close friend.

Thank you,


Why We Should Persevere

Starting something is easy, we often start something which we could not finish, I have seen many people in the gym just for one day, and have never seen them again. It’s because to start something we only need an adrenaline flow.

PerseveranceWell, 90% of the new businesses collapses in the very first year, turns out quitting is also very easy. It almost takes nothing to quit. What’s difficult however is to persist, and to continue what we have started, that’s very difficult. It’s difficult because it’s about commitment, and we rarely commit to anything.

It takes hell lot of effort to persist and to continue what we have started because there are many times when things become painful. As an IT professional I have seen many of my colleagues starting their side projects and I don’t know anyone who have finished it yet. When I ask the reason why they have not completed their project, I found that they have a very good reason, which again made me realize that until we have a good reason to continue, we won’t, and we’ll always come up with something which would eventually calm our mind not to pursue it anymore.

I believe whenever we want to start something we should know why are we doing it in the first place then only we would reason to our mind if things go rough and would persevere.

Thank you,