Book Review: How Google Works by Eric Schmidth

Yesterday I completed the book, “How Google Works” by Eric Schmidth. I would be sharing my key learning in this post.
This book includes a complete understanding of Google from it’s mission statement to how they hire people and work on daily basis.
A quick question for you, do you know your company’s mission statement?
The book explains how people at Google are connected with the mission statement of the Google (one of the them is “Don’t be Evil” and they mean it) and  I respect that.
It explains what is wrong with hierarchical structure of other IT companies and how they use to kill innovations. There is a term “Smart creative” which is often used in this book to describe the type of people who are passionate and creative about things and have a tendency of doing things differently and it is one of the qualities which is required to work at Google.
coverThis book discusses the culture of Google which is totally different as compared to traditional IT company, to explain this here is a brief story, one time the founder of Google finds out a serious problem with Google searches and made a print out the bad searches and circled the bad searches and wrote “This Sucks” on the paper, and pasted it in the cafeteria, it got resolved by weekend in just 2 days and that also by the engineers who were not on that project.
How this sounds to you?
Pretty great right..!!  Also Unbelievable..!
This book shows how big things start from scratch, the story goes like this, once Sergey Brin took a book from the library and went to his office and start taking pictures of the pages from the book and came up with an idea of digitizing all the books in the whole world. Well it looked impossible at that time, yet we all use Google books now from time to time. How great is that..!!
At Google they believe that anyone who stop learning is old and anyone who is learning is still young, I am happy that I am young and I encourage you to be young.
I learned about Elevator pitch from this book which says that if you stumble upon the founder of the company in an elevator what will you say? How would you pitch your idea to him provided you have a limited time, and you must have a elevator pitch..!
The author asks a question in this book and that is “What is the most important thing you do at work?”. Well it defines what we do at work and we should all ask this question to ourselves and if we don’t like the answer, please do something that you could be proud of.
With that said the author ended the book with acknowledging that “At this point of time there must be some guys working in their dorm and making some project which would eventually make Google obsolete because that’s the nature of technology”.
I would suggest this book to people who are in technology and those who has a dream of working for this amazing company, this book will also help an entrepreneur in adopting the Google methodology to achieve greater results.
Happy new Year..!!!
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