Five Years From Now…!!


How do you see yourself 5 years from now..?

Sounds cliche..right..!

I have discussed this topic with many of my friends and found out that there are two types of answers, one which sounds very formal, pleasing  and less threatening to the world, these are answers which other people like to listen when asked such type of questions.

The another category is answers which might be ridiculous and seems impossible, these are the answers we like to keep to ourselves and only reveal when we feel like nobody will judge us.


Let me tell you one thing, it’s OK to be laughed at, and it’s OK to be afraid of what people might say about our goals, we are programmed that way, and it’s because of the lizard brain (more on that later).

I have a friend of mine who always wanted to become a solo traveler and wants to write the stories about the places he visit, after several discussions  he revealed what he always wanted to do, I am glad he is going on solo trip next week and pretty sure that he will write about it very soon.

What I am trying to convey here is, you also have something that you always wanted to do, but since nobody is asking you, you are taking it for granted and suppressing it. Take some time out of your busy day and invest at least 1 hour every single day in the direction of what you always wanted to do. It’s better than watching soap opera for sure.

Thank you,



One thought on “Five Years From Now…!!

  1. It’s very important which you have mentioned here… And I think, this is the only reason, why everyone is sitting in his couch and he is dreaming about the fascinating things.. And enjoying the best of his dream… But the most important thing is to give the dream, he is enjoying… In action..
    Because if you are acting, you are going towards your dream..
    Dream… Dream and Dream but act on that DREAM

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