Why We Should not Worry About Outcome

We love to predict things, we have been doing so since ages, and we are pretty good at it. What we forget in the process that we are not in control and that is why sometimes our predictions are right and most of the time it’s not.

worryIt is OK to let the universe decide what is going to happen with you. We should worry about the things which are in our control, i.e. preparing for a job interview is in our control, getting selected or not is not in our control, so it’s better not to predict anything about the selection but just go on with it and do our best.

The moment we start thinking about  the outcome of a situation, it preoccupies our brain and we are less efficient doing the work itself which could lead to success. So it’s very important to shift our focus to the work rather than the outcome or possibilities relating to the outcome.

There is a saying in Hindi which describe this beautifully and which we often forget to apply in our daily life, “Karm kar fal ki chinta na kar” meaning “Do your work and don’t worry about the outcome”.

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3 thoughts on “Why We Should not Worry About Outcome

  1. You should have a vision of that success always in subconscious part of your brain, and yes, you are right in a way that, the vision of success should not dominate on your conscious mind . So that you are not going to deviate from you target/milestone…


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