Book Review: Act Like Success Think Like Success

Today I completed the book “Act Like Success, Think Like Success”  by famous American comedian, television host, radio personality, actor and author Steve Harvey.

He starts the book with the saying that God has given everyone a unique gift,  many people realize it and work upon it and create their ways to success while many lead their life without realizing their true potential, Steve asks everybody to realize their true gift.

For people who have not find it yet should reinvent themselves to find it out. He asks everybody to be open for the new opportunities and not to restricts oneself on doing only one thing.

One of the key takeaways from this book is creating S.M.A.R.T goals in our life which means:





T:-Time bound

All of our goals should have above attributes because creating goals in such manner will force ourselves to be crystal clear about the goal and it would have a time constrain which would determine if we are on track or not.

steveSteve asks everybody to create a vision board and keep it in such a manner that we would see it every single day. He defines success not as one time thing but as a continuous process, and to be successful one has to evolve and grow continuously.

He believes that nobody is self-made and we become successful because of the people behind us and people who support us and we should not be reluctant in seeking help from people who are already successful and Steve asks everybody to seek help and connect with everybody in our circle and create a nurturing relationship.

I would suggest this book to those who are thinking big but are hesitant to take the first step, this book would definitely help, a very easy to read book and I loved reading it.

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