You Complete Me Notion In A Relationship

In India, we have a notion of “You Complete me”, in almost all of the Bollywood movies, it is evident and since the day we gain consciousness, we start searching for our soul mate who can complete us.

Well, this notion is a trap which would eventually lead us to become unhappy, I know, I am going out of the line here and a very few of you would understand what I am saying, please bear with me and read along.

youCompleteMeThis notion gives us a feeling that we are incomplete by default, which is so not true and it creates a room for unhappiness in our mind, The very fact of incompleteness is sad and we should stay away from this feeling. Feeling incomplete would make us feel broken and then we would desperately need someone to complete us, and such story is not conducive for being happy.

Consider this analogy, Water is much more important than gold or diamond and yet water is almost inexpensive as compared to gold and diamond because it is easily available, when you are needy, you are easily available and others won’t pay attention to you.

When you are needy you are basically willing to do anything and everything  for someone else and they start taking you for granted. Being needy makes you less respected by others and you lose respect for yourself.

We don’t need anybody else to complete us, God have not created us incomplete, it’s just a Bollywood Masala which has made us believe that we are incomplete, and we should try not to fall into that trap.

Thank you Mridul to suggesting me to write on relationships.

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