Let The Other Person Save Face

There are many times when in an argument we turn out to be right and we have an edge over the other person. Those are the times when we make sure to humiliate the other person for being wrong and we make sure to teach them a lesson for the same. That said, we also have an experience of being on the wrong side and have been taught the same lesson by others.

save faceI have been on both side of the coin, I loved being  right and have humiliated the other person for being wrong just to feed my ego.Also, I have been wrong many times and I hated it.

There is one more thing however, that we can do, which is let the other person save face. This we seldom do and it is little difficult also because we are not programmed that way. Our ego doesn’t allow this.

However, if we do this we could develop a unique bond with the other person which is much more precious than humiliation.

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One thought on “Let The Other Person Save Face

  1. Very well said! It’s completely true… It actually feels horrible seeing the other person’s expression after satisfying my ego’s need to ‘be right’. The smugness is only temporary when in the flow of things to have an upper hand. Once done, it doesn’t feel good humiliating someone whom we value, just feels wrong and definitely affects the relationship.

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