Are You Growing?

Today I was watching a band rehearsing for their performance and it got me into thinking how an amazing project works, with everybody having a different skill set doing something and giving their best and producing an amazing product all combined.

If we think more deeply about the situation this is also how a successful business works, if we could somehow find people who are good at their craft and more importantly enjoy doing it, and combine it to make something useful or solve a problem, we could really have an absolutely amazing business.

Everyone in the band was enjoying their work and was completely living in the moment while performing, they were making mistakes correcting them in next round and developing themselves along the way. We see great artists and admire them but fail to acknowledge the hard work they have done. They also have made mistakes and corrected themselves along the way and have developed into a much better version of themselves.

Are-You-GrowingWe are so afraid of making mistakes that we do not try something new and hence stuck in the same rut, well some of us complain about the situation and some have gone far and have become pretty comfortable the way it is.

These guys were artists,  while performing they absolutely did not care about anything but music. It was an amazing experience altogether and I would like to live my life like that and which is experimenting things, making mistakes and correcting them along the way, growing myself every single day, and love the things I do.

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