What Are We Waiting For..?

Today I got a chance to connect to one of my friend from Pakistan.
I got to know that she is running an online teaching center and has been doing it since 2009. It is really amazing how she is creating so much value all around the globe and also doing this from home. With the technology at our hand we can do so much now that we could not have imagined doing it just 15 years back.

All it takes is a decision that we have to do something.

On the contrary, I also have one friend of mine who is pretty good at technology and since our college time wanted to have an online business where he could educate people. It is an awesome idea and profitable also.
But, where is he right now?
Well he is doing  a job which he never liked.
He thinks that he is not good enough and does not have enough people who could support him to do this.

He is absolutely right..!

what are we waiting forBut I have learned something today, that it is never about how good you are at particular skill or how many people support you in your endeavor, all we have to do is decide and go in the direction of the decision that we have made. Momina is not an extraordinary woman, she just went in the direction of what she always wanted to do and challenges got taken care of.

I believe in going in the direction of my goal every single day and I believe that I am one step closer to my goal every single day, and more importantly I know that this journey to the success is much more exciting than the success itself.

Thank you,


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