What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

We Become What We Consume All Day Long..!

What does this mean.?

Our mind is the most complex device ever made in this universe,  so what are we feeding into it. Well, we feed various things into it, things that we see and analyze on daily basis. We do not realize that whatever we are feeding, we are becoming exactly like that.

We feed various things into our brain on daily basis which are things that we read, watch, listen and the people whom we interact with. For example if you watch a very sad movie, you would feel sad for quite sometime. Same goes with other things.

My mother is terrified by the news she get to watch on daily basis by various news channels in India. I feel sad when I realize that she is worrying way too much about my safety just because the various things happening all around the globe. I completely understand that things are not going well all around the globe and she is right, but at the same the news channels has robbed her of happiness and replaced it with worries.

brainSo it’s very important to monitor what we watch on daily basis because we feed our brain with whatever stuff we are watching. People who are watching the ridiculous drama involving politics over television , tend to possess same thoughts in their real lives. It’s also important to consciously feed happy thoughts in our mind, we could accomplish it by watching something which could make ourselves happy.

We should all be aware of these things and consciously take decision not to watch the things which could rob our happiness and also be with people who could support us in doing so.

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2 thoughts on “What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

  1. Well said!
    To people’s dismay, I don’t watch or read the news. But it gives me some sort of peace. I eventually hear some of it from family and friends and then there’s empathy but there’s no judgment or involvement or identification with it. Same goes for TV series. What goes on the TV can be quite dramatic. I’ve had enough drama for this lifetime in reality already 😁

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  2. Ya true for examples around the world many Gud things are happening which are unreported.
    Rather than listening to bad news and becoming dismay I too believe in watching the Gud things and doing Gud so that somewt negativity in the world is being reduced

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