The Extended Family

God sent us here in this world with a family. This family includes our very near and dear ones and they loved us unconditionally and we became a part of them. It’s awesome to have a family and we should all be grateful to God for the family that he has given to us.

Along with that, God also has given us an opportunity to create our own family, this time family members are the people whom we trust, have a bond and a relationship, these are the people whom we believe into,  sometimes more than our inherited family.

I think it’s amazing that we have a chance to create our own extended family, and this time it is not bounded by blood relation rather than it is of love, care and trust, and there is no upper bound to it as it is totally up to us now as to how many people we know and connect with whom we can share this kind of relationship.

It’s a gift from God we should all use it for our prosperity.

Thank you,


2 thoughts on “The Extended Family

  1. Ya leaving all alone one thing I find rstood is that greatest strength in distress is the family frm which I belong and the one which I created.
    If the family created by me is based more on values and less on selfishness , more is the support that we yield out of it

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