Things I learned From A. R. Rahman

Yesterday I watched one of the interviews of music director A. R. Rahman at Google. One thing that I have found common among really successful people is that they are really authentic. This trait was very much visible in him also. Simplicity and peacefulness are among many other attributes that i liked in him.

I have so many questions in my mind that I would like to have an answer and for that I read books, listen to podcasts and watch interviews of many successful people around the world. Apart from that I like to talk to everyone and try to learn from everybody. I was delighted to see that there was  a question and answer session in that interview also and subconsciously I was hoping that somebody could ask him my question. 

I was very lucky and one lady did ask him “what was he thinking when he was 19 years old?”

arrahmanTo my surprise the answer however was that he was very confused at that time and he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life and also he did not wanted to pursue a carrier in music and his mother made him to do so.

Think about it for a second one of the most successful music directors of the world did not wanted to pursue music and did not know what he wanted to do with his life.

Turns out that it’s OK if you don’t know what to do with your life right now. As long as you are curious to have an answer to that question you still have a chance to make your mark in this world.

Thank you Akash for recommending this to me and also congratulations on your new job.

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  1. I love his music and his voice! It’s very interesting to know that he didn’t have an idea about what he wanted to do…!
    P.S. Congratulations Akash! 😄

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