Why Are We Here!?

I ask this question to myself very frequently and I read many books to get to know how really smart people think about this question. I have found one thing common and I would like share it with you too.
This might not be exactly what you are looking for right now and it can not be generalized for everyone because we all are different in many aspects. Also I would say it’s not the only reason why we are here but rather it’s one of the reasons.
So here it goes..!
We are here to be awesome, to build something awesome and feel good about it and do it over and over again. We like to be challenged and when we achieve what we strive for, we feel good about ourselves.

Challenges Road Sign

Nobody wants to drink mango juice at  the beach forever, after becoming a millionaire. Of course many of us want to be a millionaire but it’s not only money that we like but also the challenge associated with it is much more fulfilling.
We constantly want to be challenged and we love it. It’s boring not to have any challenge in your life. Challenges make things exciting and interesting.
Problems and challenges are different side of the same coin. Problem is a negative word and people who crib are likely to use to it more often, on the other hand challenge have a positive impact.
It’s all about the thought process, how you looking at it.
Do you have a problem or a challenge to overcome?
Thank you,


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