Steve Jobs Way of Thinking

Ideas are great, they are the key to innovation and without them our lives would have been very difficult. We are living in an idea economy where new ideas not only survive but also thrive.
With that said, I have come across many people who are very attached to their ideas, sometime I am also among those people and have attached myself too much with an idea, thinking of it as a good thing.


Today, I had a great revelation while reading the book “Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration“,   by Dr. Ed Catmull co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and President of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios.
In this book he has shared many of his encounters with Steve Jobs and have shared how Steve use to come up with a number of innovative ideas throughout his life,(well this part is known to the world) what I did not know was that he never got too much attached with an idea. He talked about how frequent the change of mind Steve had with his ideas and how he was never stubborn of his ideas.

What I learned from this is, rather than attaching ourselves too much with an idea, we should come up with a lot of ideas and test them, believing that we would eventually get a great idea along the way,  this is how Steve made it.
I think we can also come up with a great idea only if we discuss a dozen of mediocre ideas. The success lies with constantly coming up with the new ideas and not attaching ourselves with only one.

Thank you,


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