Acknowledge The Fear

Sometimes we like to save the best things for some special day, we have no idea about this special day but we like to save things for the future. It keeps us happy knowing that we have something special saved.

FearI have one friend of mine who says that he has a wonderful idea that would change his life and he is saving it for the future, and he would implement it when he is settled, this feeling gives him a hope, more accurately a false hope, a reason to delay. This state is very dangerous, because in this state we are living in the denial of our fear and insecurities and instead of acknowledging it we delay things.

This stops our growth, and  if we are determined to grow we have to acknowledge the fear and insecurities in us and there are no shortcuts for this. Acknowledging does not mean that we become super awesome the moment we acknowledge it, but instead it means we know it’s there and proceed with it.

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I am Faisal , a software developer @ Oracle, Hyderabad. Trying again my hands on blogging after several failures. Apart from blogging, I like cycling, running, and clicking pictures(who doesn't), I like to be productive in general.

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