Reinventing The Wheel

We are living in a time where we are surrounded by tools, whatever we need it’s already in the market and there is no need to build things from scratch.

Someone, somewhere already have done something in the field you are about to enter, and you might not be aware about it.

If you thinking about reinventing the wheel, you might lag behind.
The best way to do things is to utilize what others have done before you and build something on top of it.

That way you have a chance to build your product far quickly and better than if you have started from scratch.

Do your research properly before starting, and talk to people because they might have a solution to your problem.

Thank you,


Sense of Urgency

We always undermine our abilities to do the things, our real potential is only visible if we have a deadline to meet.
Today something like that happened to me, I had scheduled some work for next week and to my surprise, I completed half of the work in this evening only.

The strange thing is that I always knew somewhere back in the mind that I am not doing my best, and was not doing anything about it.

The sense of urgency is a real motivation sometimes and we should find ways to put sense of urgency in our work.

Thank you,

Some Advice From Elon Musk

Today I stumble upon a video of Elon Musk,  who started his carrier with Zip2, a web based company sort of like yellow pages in India, only it was founded way back in 1999 and it was one of first few web based companies in the world. Then he founded/co-founded many other companies which are PayPal, OpenAI, SolarCity, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX.


In the words of Steve Jobs, he is making a dent in the universe.

In the video he was suggesting do’s and don’t to a group of people and I want some his advise to impress upon me forever.

  1. If you need inspiring words don’t do it.
  2. Wishful thinking is innate human nature and the most common flaw in us.
  3.  whatever area you are best into there are chances that you can fail, so its most important that you love what you do, if you don’t like it don’t do it.
  4. It’s very important to like the people you work with, otherwise life would be miserable, (there is no asshole policy at SpaceX).
  5. Dare while you are young and take risks, because you won’t regret it.
  6. Word Super hard; (What does super hard mean?) 80 hours every week.
  7. Seek criticism,  you are wrong, and your goal is to be less wrong.
  8. Never hire for skill, hire for passion.

Thank you,


The Scary Truth About Wall Street

Once upon a time, I wished to be wall street broker, not for long but for a very brief period of time, I had no idea how hedge funds and all other stock related stuff worked (I still have very little idea about it), so I started googling about it. Soon to realize that it is not my cup of tea, nevertheless I still wish the lavish lifestyle it gives to people who are in this business, as seen on Hollywood movies until now.

turney duff

Turney Duff, a former hedge fund broker on Wall Street and New York Times bestselling author of, The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excesswas today’s guest at James Altucher podcast. He is also a consultant on upcoming Showtime show, “Billions”, and is featured on the CNBC show, “The Filthy Rich Guide”.

On the show he shared his journey on Wall Street which was very eye opening to me since it was kind of revelation that what exactly happen over there. Of course we see that in the movies but it’s hard to believe from the movies since they are made not tell the truth but to make money instead.

The truth however was really scary, he shared all the illegal practices that happen in there, it was all Greek to me but I understood the core of it.

One thing that he shared which I really appreciate was that, he always wanted other people to like him, and shared how difficult that goal was, and finally he decided that he would never try to be liked by other people again.

He shared his challenges with cocaine and it was really horrifying to know all that. His final words for wall street was, “it is not worth doing”.

Thank you,





Please Care..!

Our deepest desire is to be cared. The strange thing is that we seldom talk about it out loud, and as the generation is progressing towards future we are becoming more and more mechanical in our daily routine. Sometimes we have to be personal to be human.

Listening is one the best ways to express that you are caring.  A customer who is devoid of the certain service,when talks about his frustration to the company and if he is listened properly,  that’s caring of highest order.

We can embed caring in every walks of life, if your friend has something to tell and you are willing to listen, that’s caring too. We can show caring in a countless number of ways, we can also be innovative in it.

The truth is that caring is our deepest desire but nobody would ask you for that and everyone needs it.

Please care.

Thank you,

Ideas Are Like Drugs..!

I am a big follower of James Altucher,  an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster,who has  founded more than 20 companies, I often mentioned about him in many of my articles.

images.pngHe suggests everyone to write 10 ideas every day. As freaky as it sounds, it really has been very difficult for me to adhere to this practice, however I try my best and write as many ideas as I can. I am developing this habit to exercise my idea muscles(more on that later).

Ideas are like drugs, when we conceive them we are so intoxicated by its effect that we are unable to think it’s pros and cons. It’s only after one week of conceiving the idea we are back to normal.

I consider an idea to be strong only if it has survived one week of thrashing and criticism by others. If your idea can endure that, you might have a chance to make it big.

Thank you,

Being Child Is Awesome

They were too busy playing kancha(an Indian sports that can be played anywhere), and there was no light in Shaheen bagh so I thought it would be fun to know how they play it. They were so into the game that I became curious to know how it works.

So I asked one of them, How is it played?


one of them explained to me giving very little attention to me and then again get back to playing.

Me: “what happens if you win?”

Samad: “Maza aata hai” (we feel joy)…!

Me: ” what you do once you win?”

Samad: “Phir khelte hain” (We play again)...!

Then it suddenly hit me,the real joy is in doing the things we like to do and then doing it again and again. It’s so simple, and it was always simple.

It’s very depressing that we have forgotten the simplest virtues of all,  which were already there in our childhood. They are so happy because, they love what they do and they do it again and again.

Being child is awesome, being curious about almost everything and so sometimes annoyingly happy for no reason.

Thank you,



Book Review: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Today I completed the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, chairman and CEO of Cable News Network (CNN) and the Managing Editor of Time.

It was really awesome to get to know about the person who changed the world.

Steve Jobs in his early days during his meetings at Apple always used a phrase where he emphasize on making a dent in the universe, people around him were not used to this kind of words but if we see from now he indeed made a dent in the universe and really a big one.

The book has all the aspects of Steve Jobs including his darkest sides. The book starts from the very beginning, where he was adopted by his parents. It was really exciting to know how his love for electronics came into existence and was nurtured by his father.

stevejobsTheir parents told him about the adoption and the realization of being discarded at the birth scarred him and he was very disturbed since the beginning due to this, it was also one of the reasons of his erratic behavior throughout his life.

I was waiting for the moment how Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs’s friendship came into existence because this was one of those moments where Apple was conceived. I truly enjoyed reading about their friendship and the connection between them.


Being special was one of the things that was engraved in Steve’s mind since the very beginning, it was a story which he believed into and it was told by his parents. It was one of the reasons why he thought he was above the law and also showed many other traits like this in later point of his life.

He was deeply touched by the idea of enlightenment and wanted it badly since the beginning and to achieve enlightenment he tried many drugs including marijuana and LSD, and he was also very public about it.

His journey to India in search of the guru was really motivating, he was so into enlightenment that he came to India to meet guru  Neem Karoli Baba, but unfortunately he died earlier and Steve could not meet him and returned empty handed,  lastly he found peace in Zen Buddhism.

Steve’s real journey started after he was ousted from his own company Apple in 1985, where he made a series of failures in his next venture called NEXT (pretty  neat huh). It was very astonishing to know the series of events that led Pixar to create an animation movie, and how that turned the table all the way to success, as it was eventually was one of the reasons why we know Steve Jobs now.
He resurrected Apple from its soon to be bankruptcy status when he returned in 1997,  and made a series of changes, many people hated him for that and he ultimately saved the day.

I got to know about the famous “Reality Distortion Field” , it’s a phenomenon which many people use to experience at Apple. Steve had a way to making people think in his way of thinking, he could make people believe into doing the impossible, and many hated him for this. The other side of coin was that Steve so much believed into the things that he talked about that people around him starts believing him, which eventually was the reason we have so many great Apple products.

I was fortunate enough to know about all the challenges behind Apple products i.e. MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iTunes, iCloud, iPad, etc. and i have found a deep respect of Apple products after getting to know about the challenges behind them and the problems they had to go through in creating the Apple products.


Steve Jobs had come across a book called Autobiography of a YOGI, by Paramhansa Yogananda, which he found while visiting India, since then he read that book every year. Well that’s not it, at his funeral he made such arrangements that each visitors got a copy of Autobiography of a YOGI, that was his gift to all the people who attended his funeral. If you know me you must have guessed my next book,  that’s right i have already started reading it.

It was really awesome book altogether, if you want to know about a person who has changed almost everything about how we spend our time here, you should have a look at this book, it’s incredible to know about such a person. Indeed there is so much wisdom in books.

Thank you,


The Baggage

It’s difficult to run, if we are carrying baggage with us, to give you visual picture, remember how difficult it would be if were to catch a train with a baggage in hand. The point is we know how difficult it is to carry physical baggage and we avoid it many times, but at the same time we forgot to let go of our mental baggage.

baggageIt happened to me, and life was really difficult when I had this baggage with me, someone somewhere in the past was not up to my expectation, people let me down many times, many hurt me knowingly or unknowingly, and I had never forgiven them for that.

Anyways I had carried all the baggage with me for many years and it was really difficult to move ahead in my life,  thanks to some of very fortunate people whom I met along this journey where I came to know how important it is to let go of the baggage and finally I did let it go.

If you have something from the past that you have difficulty in letting it go, you may want to consider deleting that as your highest priority, because until then you would be in same rut.

Thank you,


Why We Should Ship Our Ideas.!

If you have used a MacBook you must be amazed by the dock magnifier. Here is the story of how it came into existence.
The guy who created it was not an Apple employee at first. He developed the application and then started visiting Apple Cupertino office to show it to the guys at Apple.
Since it was really awesome, everybody loved it and he finally reached to a point where he had to show it to Steve Jobs.

Steve had a very bad reputation of looking at somebody’s work and declaring it either shit or awesome.


This guy was scared of Jobs because of all the things he had heard about him and was deciding not to show it to him and go home, somehow he managed to overcome his fear and showed it to Jobs.

Jobs loved the idea and immediately implemented the feature to the upcoming MacBook . He said there was something missing in the macbook and this is it. This feature is in the MacBook since then.

While it was really a motivating story, I learned that it’s very important to ship our ideas and publish our work, it’s only after that, we would know it’s true potential.
We all have great ideas every now and then but we don’t act upon it. Getting an idea to build something is just the beginning of the process.

Thank you,