Following The Passion: An Example

There is a huge difference between wishing to do something we always wanted to do, and actually doing it.

While the former is just a thought, could be an adrenaline flow and easily be forgotten minutes later and that is the reason why so many people only complain that they hate what they are doing and always wish to do something else.

But the latter one, the people who are actually doing the things that they always wanted to do, are the ones living their lives to the fullest. These people are setting an example that it is possible to follow our dreams.

12512809_960611643975183_3354533256843053825_nYesterday I was invited to a musical show of one of my college friends, Mridul Upadhyay, who use to perform on weekends at The Delhi Canteen in New Delhi. I remember my college days with him, when we use to perform in the college events in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

I am really happy that he is still actively pursuing his career in music.  He is setting an example for everybody around him that it’s not enough only to wish things and leave it to God but rather we should consciously look for the opportunities that could eventually lead us to the gig that we always wanted.

Thank you so much Mridul for inviting me to the show and also to encourage me to do my things.

Thank you,

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One thought on “Following The Passion: An Example

  1. Yes. He is seeing the example, to follow the passion, and yes we should follow the passion. I’ve a vivid memory of our friends who has told that you are doing shit by playing this guitar, but now I feel it was worth playing the same… Keep it up bro. We are setting it as inspiration, to follow the passion..

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