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Sometimes back I was watching  an interview of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, an amazing person with a vision to change how we live altogether. It was really awesome to see his thought process, and it made me realize how important it is to be in touch with right set of people, people who think differently indeed change the world.

He talked about many things, however one thing that struck me most was the difference between iteration and revolution.

chamathWe love revolution, many years back Google was a revolution, followed by Facebook. We all were very skeptical about these things yet they lasted and are going to do so in next 25 years or so. He explained about the iterative nature of the business, currently Facebook is an iterative company and so is Google, they still try to do many things which seems revolutionary but they are slowly becoming an iterative company altogether.

He truly believes that there are many revolutionary things that are going to happen in these time and also shared some his projects that are pretty awesome in Silicon Valley standards.

It was shocking to me when he reasoned why the formal education is going to end in near future, and how it would be taken over by online education. I think that’s revolutionary too, and I could see many people being skeptical about it as well.

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  1. Some thoughts… In Australia, online education taking over from face to face. In my industry, employers are saying graduates are less job ready than they were when education was face to face. There is an assumption that online education is cheaper and so we implement it. How much will it cost when productivity falls? and jobs aren’t done tp the required standard? or people are hurt because we made mistakes? Good supervision and mentoring are also out of fashion. In our fascination with revolution, we are in serious danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water. So for me, revolution yes! but revolution that embraces human connection, does the job and is not a disguised shortcut to saving money.

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