Health The Most Valuable Gift

Health has become the most undervalued thing in our generation.  Specially the people who have a very busy schedule. Everybody knows that exercise is very crucial for having a quality life, even then a very few people are actually doing it.


It is called living in denial, meaning we know we have to do it and we are also aware of it, but we are kind of being lazy about it. So basically we are waiting for bad things to happen to us. Being smart does not mean that we have to wait for a signal, it means we have to do the right thing. It means we have to be prepared for the future.

We should be very grateful to God who has given us this wonderful body which is so awesome that it takes care of itself. Seriously it literally takes care of itself.

It only breaks down if we left it for too long, which we do very often, I have done it on many occasions and have realized it’s worth, and it’s worth a lot.

Thank you, 


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