Things Are Easy..!!

Everything is easy, nothing in this world is complicated not even the rocket science. We all tell ourselves a story, a story which we really believe into. These are the stories which we live in eventually. Long time back I was also told a story, that computer engineering is awesome and we can really have a bright future in there. I truly believed into it and study my ass off to get into the prestigious central University “Jamia Millia Islamia” which was  again a story which I believed into deeply. We all love stories, that’s how we connect. We love books and movies because all of them tell a story.
Hard Easy Computer Keys Showing The Choice Of Difficult Or Simple WayWith that said, it’s very important what type of story we believe into, because it’s like choosing a lifestyle altogether. People who said, calculus was difficult in their college days, they were not lying, it was really difficult for them, but not because calculus was difficult, but because for them, it was difficult.

Similarly for people who say life is difficult or having a good job is difficult, they all are telling a story to themselves and truly believe into it. It’s only after we change our way of thinking we could change the things around us. Life is actually easy, it’s only a way of thinking.

So what story are you telling to yourself, I hope it’s a good one.

Thank you,


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