Sharing a Success Story

We love sharing a success story, there was one time I heard a friend of mine say, “He went empty handed to Gulf and now he owns a villa in New Delhi.“, and he went on and on in telling about all the things the guy owns now. It got me into thinking that we love a rags to riches story and we take pleasure in telling them.
download (1)Actually everybody likes to share a rags to riches story because somehow we “the middle class” are connected to them, but there are two categories of the people, the first category of the people share the story as if it could never be true for themselves, so it becomes kind of fairy tale to them and the second category however tell the story as if it could happen to them as well. The first category of the people have lost their hope of becoming those who can go from rags to riches and there is a sense of guilt which is sometime visible to others.
I like the second category of the people, because I am one of those people and  I truly believe that great things can happen for me too. I encourage you to be one of those people who can create stories and tell a success story as if could also happen for you too, because those who are crazy enough to believe, are the ones who create the stories.
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