Taking Control Of Our Mind

I have seen many people including myself being irritated by the tapping sound coming from the kitchen or toilet. Indeed it’s one of the most irritating sound in the world and it sucks the peace out of us, and we get a comfortable good night sleep only after taking care of it. While it’s so easy to close it properly that we just have to get up and close it, and no more effort required. If only that had been true for our mind as well.

Tell me how many times in the day our mind rests?


Actually it never rests, not even in our sleep. It yearns stories even in our sleep in the form of dreams and it never shuts down. While our mind is the most powerful piece of equipment in the universe it is equally hard to take control of also.

In the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind the author Joseph Murphy have explained many examples where many people have taken advantage of their minds to connect with the Super power which guides us all and with the help of that they have achieved many milestones in their life.

There is so much we can do if we control our minds, which can only happen if we change our focus from consuming garbage in the form of news & movies to actually studying how our mind works.

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2 thoughts on “Taking Control Of Our Mind

  1. Very informative information. we have preoccupied our minds with some much garbage and rubish that our minds dont ponder over much important issues. For example our planet is going to destroy due to pollution but we are continuously polluting it.


  2. Actually those noises don’t bother me. Loud TV however does. We can rest without sleeping and sometimes even sleep doesn’t give us rest… it’s all about clearing the mind consciously before sleep… when I meditate and clear my mind, I slept better and my day goes better as well. Otherwise the head can get little noisy and messy.

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