Things I Learn From Russell Simmons

Today I got to know about Russell Simmons an American Business Magnate and world’s third richest figure in hip hop industry.  In the podcast they discussed how he transformed himself from a drug addict to a successful business man. I got to know him through James Altucher weekly podcasts. James Altucher does this weekly podcasts where he invites successful business men from all over the world, to share their life journey. I am an avid follower of his podcasts.

Russell-Simmons-730Russell shared that he practices Yoga and meditation and he is also on a vegan diet from several years. He also shared many of his beliefs on why we should not consume non vegetarian food and the American polices behind cheapening the animal meat and how that’s harmful for people who are consuming it.

On his journey from being a drug addict to a successful business man, he shared that people take drugs only to have a quite mind, and drugs give an illusion to it but to gain consciousness meditation is the only way to go. He described that life’s only goal is to be happy and comfortable, which I completely agree with because I find this definition in every successful person’s dictionary. He tell everyone to focus on giving and he believes that by giving we get more from the universe.

Russell Simmons have written many books and 4 of them were in New York best sellers list. I am looking forward to read those books.

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