It’s Time To Pick Ourselves

In the industrial revolution era there was a need of being picked by the large corporations because we could not do much all by ourselves. We did not have the tools that we needed to build great products, we did not have access to information which could lead us to the right path, we did not have opportunities, that resulted in many people having a job in big corporation because they could not do anything else and it was necessary for survival.
pick-meBesides that, jobs in those days were given for life. It was like do these set of things for the rest of your life and we would provide you all the basic things required for your life, and you don’t have to worry about anything else. People loved it and gladly accepted this proposal because of two reasons. First it was difficult to do something different and was very risky also and the second they got the job security for life.
Now the time has changed, we are not in industrial revolution era anymore. Jobs are not secure. But on the bright side we have landed on the era of opportunity, where we could find anything and everything that we would need to build great things. There is no need to be picked by anyone,  it’s time to pick ourselves. The most powerful person on the earth is using the same tools that you have right now which the laptop because you can build anything with this powerful device and with the huge amount of information which is available on the Internet for free it is just a matter of decision to do something different because all we need is right here in front of us.
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