The Experience at Hazrat Nimamuddin Dargah

Today I went to Hazrat Nimamuddin Dargah, New Delhi. I use to go there from time to time, it is a very spiritual place to be and I find peace there. This time I find it really peaceful may be because of monday as there were quite less people as compared to some other days which gave me an opportunity to look at the people running that place.

There are many people who call themselves as mazavir and their job is to take your money, I mean literally take your money and I find them very authoritative. If you are going there for the first time they might bully you and force you to give some money to them.

dargahAlso, the crowd that visit this place has people from all walks of life, you could find a millionaire and a rickshaw puller pleading side by side. Well I am not judging anyone, it’s a spiritual place and everybody try to find peace. The thing which I didn’t like however was the bullying of the mazavirs. It’s not that I have seen it for the first time but this time I have a platform where I can share how I feel in public.

I thing to notice here is “This happens almost everywhere, where we fear to express our feelings and do what we are told”, instead we should ask more questions, because that’s the least we can do, and if we don’t find a good answer we have every right to back out from the situation. The reason why people give their money to these thugs is because they are afraid to ask questions like

Where this money goes?

Who maintains it?

How it run? etc.

There are so many things which are wrong in these days and almost everybody is silent, some don’t want to indulge, some don’t care because it does not concern them, some are too lazy to even think about it, and there are a very few people who raise their voices.

I feel that the time has come where everyone have platform to express and share their feelings and we should start using that platform more aggressively.

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