Things I learn From Adam Grant

Today I listened to one of James Altucher podcasts and the guest was Adam Grant best selling author and professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is also youngest tenured and most highly rated professor at the Wharton school. You can find more about him on Wikipedia.

One of the notable thing that I learned today was to know how procrastination could be beneficial to us and really liked the explanation on how our mind subconsciously act on the idea while we are busy procrastinating it. Cool huh..!

We always want to come up with original ideas and for me it’s like lot of work and it seems like an impossible thing to do, but in the discussion I get to know that to be original  it just mean to be different and better and it really simplified the equation for me.
I am very reluctant to discuss my ideas to those who could thrash them at the first sight, and in the discussion I got to know that it’s really important to share the idea to the people who generally disagree with you, and how we can utilize this fact to improve our idea.
Adam_GrantI got to know about the pioneers and settlers, well the names are almost self explanatory, pioneers are the one who do new things, and settlers are the ones adopting the new thing. Well we have a notion, more precisely I had a notion and always wanted to be a pioneer but in the discussion I got to know that many large players in the world are not the pioneers and actually are the settlers. Google, Microsoft, Apple and many other companies and their CEOs none of them were pioneers, however all of them had original ideas to build their business, which again leads to being original only mean different and better.  
One of the virtues that Adam explained was how important it is to be willing to be wrong and updated again and again, which I would keep in mind.

It was really very informative podcast overall and I am looking forward to read his new book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World.

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