Why We Should Ship Our Ideas.!

If you have used a MacBook you must be amazed by the dock magnifier. Here is the story of how it came into existence.
The guy who created it was not an Apple employee at first. He developed the application and then started visiting Apple Cupertino office to show it to the guys at Apple.
Since it was really awesome, everybody loved it and he finally reached to a point where he had to show it to Steve Jobs.

Steve had a very bad reputation of looking at somebody’s work and declaring it eitherĀ shit or awesome.


This guy was scared of Jobs because of all the things he had heard about him and was deciding not to show it to him and go home, somehow he managed to overcome his fear and showed it to Jobs.

Jobs loved the idea and immediately implemented the feature to the upcoming MacBook . He said there was something missing in the macbook and this is it. This feature is in the MacBook since then.

While it was really a motivating story, I learned that it’s very important to ship our ideas and publish our work, it’s only after that, we would know it’s true potential.
We all have great ideas every now and then but we don’t act upon it. Getting an idea to build something is just the beginning of the process.

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