Being Child Is Awesome

They were too busy playing kancha(an Indian sports that can be played anywhere), and there was no light in Shaheen bagh so I thought it would be fun to know how they play it. They were so into the game that I became curious to know how it works.

So I asked one of them, How is it played?


one of them explained to me giving very little attention to me and then again get back to playing.

Me: “what happens if you win?”

Samad: “Maza aata hai” (we feel joy)…!

Me: ” what you do once you win?”

Samad: “Phir khelte hain” (We play again)...!

Then it suddenly hit me,the real joy is in doing the things we like to do and then doing it again and again. It’s so simple, and it was always simple.

It’s very depressing that we have forgotten the simplest virtues of all,  which were already there in our childhood. They are so happy because, they love what they do and they do it again and again.

Being child is awesome, being curious about almost everything and so sometimes annoyingly happy for no reason.

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