The Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious works very mysteriously, it would take another decade to fully understand it perhaps. The conscious brain is the one we can process, which can reason with, it’s also the one responsible for our body movements such as legs, fingers, and other external parts.

So what’s the Subconscious mind then?

Have you ever wondered how our food is digested? or How we recover from any illness?


If you think about deeply about it, there has to be something which who governs all the things inside our body. That’s right it’s our subconscious mind which governs everything else, which conscious can’t.
Well our subconscious not only governs our internal body organs but also know everything and it also acts as a bridge between ourselves and the Supreme power. There have been many scientific discoveries in the past where the inventor had no idea how that particular solution came into existence. There are countless examples which are mentioned in the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”  about this.

One thing I learned from this book is if we really want to achieve something it’s very important to impress the goal upon the subconscious to achieve it, and if we are successful in doing so, then the goal become much easier.

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Things I learn From Adam Grant

Today I listened to one of James Altucher podcasts and the guest was Adam Grant best selling author and professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is also youngest tenured and most highly rated professor at the Wharton school. You can find more about him on Wikipedia.

One of the notable thing that I learned today was to know how procrastination could be beneficial to us and really liked the explanation on how our mind subconsciously act on the idea while we are busy procrastinating it. Cool huh..!

We always want to come up with original ideas and for me it’s like lot of work and it seems like an impossible thing to do, but in the discussion I get to know that to be original  it just mean to be different and better and it really simplified the equation for me.
I am very reluctant to discuss my ideas to those who could thrash them at the first sight, and in the discussion I got to know that it’s really important to share the idea to the people who generally disagree with you, and how we can utilize this fact to improve our idea.
Adam_GrantI got to know about the pioneers and settlers, well the names are almost self explanatory, pioneers are the one who do new things, and settlers are the ones adopting the new thing. Well we have a notion, more precisely I had a notion and always wanted to be a pioneer but in the discussion I got to know that many large players in the world are not the pioneers and actually are the settlers. Google, Microsoft, Apple and many other companies and their CEOs none of them were pioneers, however all of them had original ideas to build their business, which again leads to being original only mean different and better.  
One of the virtues that Adam explained was how important it is to be willing to be wrong and updated again and again, which I would keep in mind.

It was really very informative podcast overall and I am looking forward to read his new book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World.

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Book Learning: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson: Why We Should Focus

I am learning so much from the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, chairman and CEO of Cable News Network (CNN) and the Managing Editor of Time. In the book Walter has mentioned that Steve’s biggest strength was knowing how to focus.

Upon his return to Apple in 1997 he did so many revolutionary changes that we could not comprehend. Some of them are: completely changing all the board members of the company, shutting down 90% of the projects that was going on at that time and many other changes like that.

stevejobsIt’s true that Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, and everything somehow look Okay if we see from now. But it was real chaos  at that time, he fired almost 3000 employees and that too with 2 weeks notice only. In the book it has been mentioned very well on how the things were at that time, and it was really horrible.

While everyone was happy to see Steve return to Apple but, a very few people liked Steve as a person because of his nature and personality. Doing these unholy things in the company and that too with a very little support from the people around you is pretty big. It’s like you know people are going to hate you for doing that and you still have to do it because of a bigger purpose.

I remember many times I have been demoralized by my close ones as not to do something and I have not considered it for the sake of them.

We get demoralized by people around us and we feel sad if not supported by our close ones, we should learn this virtue from Steve. It’s not about right or wrong, because being right or wrong is just a matter of perspective and it’s more about what we believe into. It was because he was able to see a picture which other people around him could not see and he didn’t care and he went ahead with his decisions anyways.

Steve was so focused on what he believed in that nobody could shake him, he was in deep trouble because of many other traits that he had, but this was one those which helped him to rise to the top again.

In one of the meetings Steve mentioned “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do”.

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The Experience at Hazrat Nimamuddin Dargah

Today I went to Hazrat Nimamuddin Dargah, New Delhi. I use to go there from time to time, it is a very spiritual place to be and I find peace there. This time I find it really peaceful may be because of monday as there were quite less people as compared to some other days which gave me an opportunity to look at the people running that place.

There are many people who call themselves as mazavir and their job is to take your money, I mean literally take your money and I find them very authoritative. If you are going there for the first time they might bully you and force you to give some money to them.

dargahAlso, the crowd that visit this place has people from all walks of life, you could find a millionaire and a rickshaw puller pleading side by side. Well I am not judging anyone, it’s a spiritual place and everybody try to find peace. The thing which I didn’t like however was the bullying of the mazavirs. It’s not that I have seen it for the first time but this time I have a platform where I can share how I feel in public.

I thing to notice here is “This happens almost everywhere, where we fear to express our feelings and do what we are told”, instead we should ask more questions, because that’s the least we can do, and if we don’t find a good answer we have every right to back out from the situation. The reason why people give their money to these thugs is because they are afraid to ask questions like

Where this money goes?

Who maintains it?

How it run? etc.

There are so many things which are wrong in these days and almost everybody is silent, some don’t want to indulge, some don’t care because it does not concern them, some are too lazy to even think about it, and there are a very few people who raise their voices.

I feel that the time has come where everyone have platform to express and share their feelings and we should start using that platform more aggressively.

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Creating Good Habits

stevejobsCurrently I am reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, who has been the chairman and CEO of Cable News Network (CNN) and the Managing Editor of Time. A great read of course and I am looking forward to complete the book as soon as possible. I would be publishing my review and learning from the book soon after completing the book.

I came across a statement in the book which Steve made on his 30th birthday and I have been thinking about since then:

 Jobs: There’s an old Hindu saying that comes into my mind occasionally: “For the first 30 years of your life, you make your habits. For the last 30 years of your life, your habits make you.”

I am very happy that I have created some very good habits that I am proud of and I am going to continue it till the end of my days.

Indeed we can learn so much from the books, I encourage you to read books as they are one of the very few sources that we have, from where we could learn anytime, Thank you so much Tauseef for recommending the book.

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The Thrill of Not Knowning

We like to be in control, we feel good when we know what’s going to happen, and we like to predict things that are going to happen. While all of these things are good but the real joy comes when we don’t know whats going to happen next. Nobody wants to a watch a movie with predictable and obvious plots,

Then why are we doing it with our lives?

Thrill_logoThe reason why office job sucks is because you know what is going to happen in next 30 years. It is defined that you are going to do the same things that people before you did and climb the same ladder that they climbed before you.

Where is the excitement?

Let me tell you something, the thrill comes from not knowing, what’s the point in living if you already know what you are going to do in next 30 years.

When was the last time you did something new?  I mean something really new that you are proud of.

Do you remember the thrill it brought it to you?

It was awesome, wasn’t it..!

We can have that thrill as many times as we want. It’s just we don’t do the new things the way we use to do when we were little.

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It’s Time To Pick Ourselves

In the industrial revolution era there was a need of being picked by the large corporations because we could not do much all by ourselves. We did not have the tools that we needed to build great products, we did not have access to information which could lead us to the right path, we did not have opportunities, that resulted in many people having a job in big corporation because they could not do anything else and it was necessary for survival.
pick-meBesides that, jobs in those days were given for life. It was like do these set of things for the rest of your life and we would provide you all the basic things required for your life, and you don’t have to worry about anything else. People loved it and gladly accepted this proposal because of two reasons. First it was difficult to do something different and was very risky also and the second they got the job security for life.
Now the time has changed, we are not in industrial revolution era anymore. Jobs are not secure. But on the bright side we have landed on the era of opportunity, where we could find anything and everything that we would need to build great things. There is no need to be picked by anyone,  it’s time to pick ourselves. The most powerful person on the earth is using the same tools that you have right now which the laptop because you can build anything with this powerful device and with the huge amount of information which is available on the Internet for free it is just a matter of decision to do something different because all we need is right here in front of us.
Thank you,

Things I Learn From Russell Simmons

Today I got to know about Russell Simmons an American Business Magnate and world’s third richest figure in hip hop industry.  In the podcast they discussed how he transformed himself from a drug addict to a successful business man. I got to know him through James Altucher weekly podcasts. James Altucher does this weekly podcasts where he invites successful business men from all over the world, to share their life journey. I am an avid follower of his podcasts.

Russell-Simmons-730Russell shared that he practices Yoga and meditation and he is also on a vegan diet from several years. He also shared many of his beliefs on why we should not consume non vegetarian food and the American polices behind cheapening the animal meat and how that’s harmful for people who are consuming it.

On his journey from being a drug addict to a successful business man, he shared that people take drugs only to have a quite mind, and drugs give an illusion to it but to gain consciousness meditation is the only way to go. He described that life’s only goal is to be happy and comfortable, which I completely agree with because I find this definition in every successful person’s dictionary. He tell everyone to focus on giving and he believes that by giving we get more from the universe.

Russell Simmons have written many books and 4 of them were in New York best sellers list. I am looking forward to read those books.

Thank you,


Why I Write Daily

Writing my blog and sharing my thoughts are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Thank you so much Seth Godin for mentioning how important it is to have a blog in many of your books. I am truly happy that I have adopted this one religiously.



I have been asked many times why I write everyday and also have been suggested to write long articles. Well, as Seth Godin says, it’s not only about the quality and the quantity of the article, rather it has to do with the discipline that one has to put in on daily basis.

Quality and quantity would automatically come if one would do it every single day, and that’s my motive behind writing the blog everyday.
Things that I share are not only for you but these are the things which I have learned from somewhere and would like to remember it for a long time and sharing makes it very easy, it enforces my brain to believe into the stuff that I write.

Apart of that it has made me much more disciplined and my thoughts are much more organized than ever. It has changed my life for the better and I am very grateful to Allah that I have been lead to this path.

Thank you,

Taking Control Of Our Mind

I have seen many people including myself being irritated by the tapping sound coming from the kitchen or toilet. Indeed it’s one of the most irritating sound in the world and it sucks the peace out of us, and we get a comfortable good night sleep only after taking care of it. While it’s so easy to close it properly that we just have to get up and close it, and no more effort required. If only that had been true for our mind as well.

Tell me how many times in the day our mind rests?


Actually it never rests, not even in our sleep. It yearns stories even in our sleep in the form of dreams and it never shuts down. While our mind is the most powerful piece of equipment in the universe it is equally hard to take control of also.

In the book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind the author Joseph Murphy have explained many examples where many people have taken advantage of their minds to connect with the Super power which guides us all and with the help of that they have achieved many milestones in their life.

There is so much we can do if we control our minds, which can only happen if we change our focus from consuming garbage in the form of news & movies to actually studying how our mind works.

Thank you,