Book Review: Life by Keith Richards

I have a confession to make, I didn’t know anything about Keith Richards before reading this book, and I am not proud of this but, it’s the truth. I picked up this book just to read something which I would have never read if I would have chosen the book the way I use to do before. It was a complete random selection from Amazon. This book was among top biographies to be read, and I selected this for no apparent reason. It was really very difficult to complete this book mainly because it was full of very detailed life style of Keith Richards which I was totally unaware of.

Keith Richards is an English musician, singer, songwriter, actor, and one of the original members of the rock band The Rolling Stone. This guy is a living legend. If you are not a Rolling Stone fan, you may have seen him as Captain Teague, from Pirates of the Caribbean where he played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow’s father.

Keith did not have a very pleasant beginning, it was actually quite rough. From the very start of his life he started playing guitar and was really very passionate for music, there was a very sweet story in the book on how he got his first guitar.

lifeTime and time again I have observed pattern that great people do not plan things, they are so passionate for their stuff that they don’t know what is happening around them, similar was the case for Keith also, in his band everything was about music and everything else got taken care of. It was like everything else was just happening around them and it was as if they just didn’t know what to do with things happening around them because they all were so into music.

They created an era of music and it was amazing to witness it from the words of legend himself and I got a learning that it does not take a mastermind to change the world all it takes is passion for doing things we love. They were not planning for becoming great it was just playing guitars, making songs and nothing else. It is really strange to know all these things because it’s so contrary to the things that we generally believe in.

This book would definitely help those people who would like to know what it takes to be a legend, and this book is more about the total unexpected series of events happening around Keith.
Keith’s transition from being a guitarist to a song writer was also very inspiring. It was quite visible that there was no road map for Keith in early years. Actually he was so busy getting stoned, playing guitar, and partying that there was no time for anything else.  Keith was terrible father, and I feel very sorry for his kids, the things that they had to went through, it reflected the dark aspects of being a legend and a Rockstar.
If I would have to take only one learning from this book I would take this:
In the book Keith mentioned that “If we gave thought how the world is going to react on our songs we wouldn’t have done it..!”

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Sharing a Success Story

We love sharing a success story, there was one time I heard a friend of mine say, “He went empty handed to Gulf and now he owns a villa in New Delhi.“, and he went on and on in telling about all the things the guy owns now. It got me into thinking that we love a rags to riches story and we take pleasure in telling them.
download (1)Actually everybody likes to share a rags to riches story because somehow we “the middle class” are connected to them, but there are two categories of the people, the first category of the people share the story as if it could never be true for themselves, so it becomes kind of fairy tale to them and the second category however tell the story as if it could happen to them as well. The first category of the people have lost their hope of becoming those who can go from rags to riches and there is a sense of guilt which is sometime visible to others.
I like the second category of the people, because I am one of those people and  I truly believe that great things can happen for me too. I encourage you to be one of those people who can create stories and tell a success story as if could also happen for you too, because those who are crazy enough to believe, are the ones who create the stories.
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Things Are Easy..!!

Everything is easy, nothing in this world is complicated not even the rocket science. We all tell ourselves a story, a story which we really believe into. These are the stories which we live in eventually. Long time back I was also told a story, that computer engineering is awesome and we can really have a bright future in there. I truly believed into it and study my ass off to get into the prestigious central University “Jamia Millia Islamia” which was  again a story which I believed into deeply. We all love stories, that’s how we connect. We love books and movies because all of them tell a story.
Hard Easy Computer Keys Showing The Choice Of Difficult Or Simple WayWith that said, it’s very important what type of story we believe into, because it’s like choosing a lifestyle altogether. People who said, calculus was difficult in their college days, they were not lying, it was really difficult for them, but not because calculus was difficult, but because for them, it was difficult.

Similarly for people who say life is difficult or having a good job is difficult, they all are telling a story to themselves and truly believe into it. It’s only after we change our way of thinking we could change the things around us. Life is actually easy, it’s only a way of thinking.

So what story are you telling to yourself, I hope it’s a good one.

Thank you,

Health The Most Valuable Gift

Health has become the most undervalued thing in our generation.  Specially the people who have a very busy schedule. Everybody knows that exercise is very crucial for having a quality life, even then a very few people are actually doing it.


It is called living in denial, meaning we know we have to do it and we are also aware of it, but we are kind of being lazy about it. So basically we are waiting for bad things to happen to us. Being smart does not mean that we have to wait for a signal, it means we have to do the right thing. It means we have to be prepared for the future.

We should be very grateful to God who has given us this wonderful body which is so awesome that it takes care of itself. Seriously it literally takes care of itself.

It only breaks down if we left it for too long, which we do very often, I have done it on many occasions and have realized it’s worth, and it’s worth a lot.

Thank you, 

Iteration & Revolution

Sometimes back I was watching  an interview of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya, an amazing person with a vision to change how we live altogether. It was really awesome to see his thought process, and it made me realize how important it is to be in touch with right set of people, people who think differently indeed change the world.

He talked about many things, however one thing that struck me most was the difference between iteration and revolution.

chamathWe love revolution, many years back Google was a revolution, followed by Facebook. We all were very skeptical about these things yet they lasted and are going to do so in next 25 years or so. He explained about the iterative nature of the business, currently Facebook is an iterative company and so is Google, they still try to do many things which seems revolutionary but they are slowly becoming an iterative company altogether.

He truly believes that there are many revolutionary things that are going to happen in these time and also shared some his projects that are pretty awesome in Silicon Valley standards.

It was shocking to me when he reasoned why the formal education is going to end in near future, and how it would be taken over by online education. I think that’s revolutionary too, and I could see many people being skeptical about it as well.

Thank you,

Choose Happiness Consciously..!

If it is so trivial, then why aren’t you doing it? 

Turns out that we have forgotten this virtue in our busy life. We go through hell lot of things in our daily life that we not happy about. We work with people we don’t like,we do the things we never wanted to do in the first place, almost daily we get stuck in the never ending traffic jams, and many more things like that. These things suck the happiness out of us and we just forget about being happy.

choose-happinessWe can learn so many things from a child. They are so happy, one time I was watching a cartoon with my cousin and he was so much enjoying it, and I was like, there must be something wrong with one of us. Well, kids laugh at everything, they just laugh, they don’t think too much, the problem is in us, the adults, we think too much, we should try not to think for a while.

I have noticed my father that whenever there is an occasion where everybody is happy, he stays quiet with serious look on his face. He is not alone, I have found that all the people around us of his age do not generally enjoy, they just sit back and do their things. I don’t know about his thought process is on this, but I want to enjoy my whole life irrespective of my age and I don’t think that after a certain age we should go serious.

Choose happiness consciously all the time, then only it would come to you again and again.

Thank you,




The Information Age

Internet is one of the most awesome things that has happened to us in recent years and we are very fortunate that we are the ones who are among those people who are part of a revolution that has changed the world for the better. Internet is reshaping almost everything we know, we truly are in the information age.

infoageWith that said, we have seen many people argue over an information that they have found over the Internet. We also have seen many hoaxes spread in front of our eyes and sometimes we just can’t do anything about it, but watch.

With this huge amount of information that is available to us, it’s has become very important to choose from where we are getting this information. It’s naive to just say “I have found it over the Internet”, and the authenticity of the information was never more important than now.

We have to be mindful about the information we consume and share.

Thank you,

Following The Passion: An Example

There is a huge difference between wishing to do something we always wanted to do, and actually doing it.

While the former is just a thought, could be an adrenaline flow and easily be forgotten minutes later and that is the reason why so many people only complain that they hate what they are doing and always wish to do something else.

But the latter one, the people who are actually doing the things that they always wanted to do, are the ones living their lives to the fullest. These people are setting an example that it is possible to follow our dreams.

12512809_960611643975183_3354533256843053825_nYesterday I was invited to a musical show of one of my college friends, Mridul Upadhyay, who use to perform on weekends at The Delhi Canteen in New Delhi. I remember my college days with him, when we use to perform in the college events in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

I am really happy that he is still actively pursuing his career in music.  He is setting an example for everybody around him that it’s not enough only to wish things and leave it to God but rather we should consciously look for the opportunities that could eventually lead us to the gig that we always wanted.

Thank you so much Mridul for inviting me to the show and also to encourage me to do my things.

Thank you,

Creating New Habits

We all want to be more productive than ever, and sometimes we do adopt something which makes us more productive.

Being more productive is creating a habit of doing certain things. It could be as simple as waking up early in the morning or going for the exercise.


It’s not easy to develop a new habit and many times we fail to do so. The reason we fail is because we are not able to adopt this new habit. Creating new habit requires a conscious decision of doing  certain things daily without any fail.

As the psychological study says that we adopt a new habit only by repeatedly doing it for about 21 days without any breaks. After that it becomes a part of ourselves and then only it has a chance of becoming our new habit.

So if you want to do something new, try doing it for about 21 days without any fail.

Thank you,