Life & Death

In the last 3 days, I heard death news of 3 people. The strange fact is that the cause of all of the death was heart attack.
Earlier I use to hear demise by heart attack very few times but now a days, as far as I remember most of the cases are from heart attacks. It’s very important to be health conscious nowadays.
With the advent of so many facilities and fast moving lifestyle, we tend to forget the things we use to do before, like exercise or doing other mundane activities involving manual work. I believe this is one of the reasons  for rise in heart attacks in recent times.
Today in late afternoon after having lunch I was casually walking down the road and was mesmerised by the beauty of fallen leaves and the rattling sound they produced due to the wind.
It got into thinking that these leaves just completed their cycle and now would be replaced by the new ones, just like the us.
The difference between us and those leaves are the life span. We have much longer lifespan than those leaves but the innate nature between the God’s two creations are the same.



I have completed the book “Autobiography of a Yogi ” by Paramahansa Yogananda and I would be writing a review very soon.


Time Travel

It’s possible and it always was.

Let me share how.

I am about to complete the book “Autobiography of a Yogi”, and yesterday in his book Yogananda was mentioning about an event that occurred in 1893 at the time of Swami Vivekananda’s visit to America and the incident was described so vividly that I felt that I was there.

I truly was there.

This is the time travel I am talking about.

It’s possible in our minds, we have an extraordinary mind which has been boggling the top scientists since ages and yet nobody has understood it fully.  The imagination is sometimes clearer than the reality.

I suggest you to at least travel once I your life, in time.

In simple words read books.



An Experience On Helping Others

We grew up with certain beliefs, these are the ones which we have adopted from the people who were around us when we were small, from our parents, school teacher and cousins.

Our conscious mind takes shape during the childhood, and this is the reason why we have different mindsets among different class of people, for example a businessman’s family would have a different set of principle than a farmer’s family.

The beliefs that we have right now are, the ones which we have hold on to since childhood and the ones which he have adopted along the way. We also have discarded some of the beliefs from the past.


Let me share one of the belief that I had in the past and thankfully I have discarded it.

In my school days I use to live with my cousin, he was of very helpful nature. He helped everyone, but I then something really bad happened with him he was very hurt and was shattered by the experience. He helped somebody who then took advantage of the help and did something evil(I remember like this only).

After that incident he stopped helping anybody. Since we were living together and he was my hero I took this lesson by heart and I started believing in it too.

I seldom remember helping my friends with sharing my notes in my school days.  In my college life also I have helped a very few people.

After completing my college education and entering the corporate world, a series of events happened to me which changed my belief system on helping others completely.

The first book that I read on helping others was “The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea”  an amazing book by Bob Burg & John David Mann. Now sometimes I think if I would be given a chance of going back in time and help my friends whom I didn’t help in the past, I would do that. It’s like now I know the secret behind helping other people.

After crossing some age and exploring the world with our own eyes, we start to develop our own belief system and then things start to change and it’s beautiful.


Namaz & The Middle Aged Man

Lately I have been working as a freelance in Jamia Millia Islamia University. This university has an amazing culture where at the time of namaz (daily prayers in Islam) everyone gather in a hall of their respective buildings to perform namaz together.

Before performing namaz everyone has to perform wuzu(a practice which involves washing face, hands and feet).

So basically namaz and wuzu go together.

There is a middle aged man in our building who spills water everywhere whenever he is washing his feet while performing wuzu and create a real big mess every where in the toilet because instead of washing his feet on the wash basin he washes it on the floor.

I mean seriously, on the floor.! 

If we think that, only washing our body and performing namaz is Islam, then we are mistaken just like this guy. Nowhere it is written in Islam to create a mess for other people in order to cleanse ourselves.

Again it’s about gaining knowledge and being conscious of our activities. I am very sure that, this guy had no idea that he is creating so much pain for other people, (maybe he doesn’t care, that’s even worse).

Islam is about caring other people, the daily prayers in Islam is for gratitude toward God and to gain consciousness.

I don’t know how many people are giving gratitude towards Allah while performing namaz, but consciousness is surely missing in most of us.


Working Hard.!

When we work really hard on something, we tend to get exhausted. Today, was one of those days for me.

With this exhaustion there is a sense of accomplishment along with it.

If we get exhausted by daily mundane tasks, we don’t feel anything and it’s plain boring exhaustion.

But when we are in a process of creating something, we love the tiredness that has come with our work.

These are called flow experiences meaning we have to stretch a bit to get things done and after that we  love it.
Flow experiences are very important for our happiness.


My Grammar Sucks.!

Since the day I started writing, I have been suggesting many people to write. The most general reply that I get which stop people from writing is that they think they don’t have enough expertise to write publicly.

Which is completely true and I know their writing truly sucks.

I remember myself writing for the first day, I edited my content for like 2 hours. I wrote about 200 words and edited that for 2 hours, it’s funny to even think about it, and it was really difficult. I remember writing the content and then changing all of them. I remember deleting all the content several times.
The funny thing is that I still have many friends who say “tumne Grammar ki leli” meaning you have ruined the grammar.
Guess what, English is not my first language and I suck in English but it would not stop me from sharing.
Who said, I have to be the expert?

Donald Trump has grammar of a toddler and he is gunning for the most powerful position in the world (I know he is an ass, but I am making a different point here).

Why in a world I let my grammar to stop sharing my story.

I am pretty confident that if I continue, my english would be far better than now.


Unconsciousness An Example

Friday is a sacred day for Muslims, on this day we perform weekly prayer called Jumma Namaz and it’s the most important prayer for the week. We all gather in a mosque around 1.00 pm and perform Namaz together.

On many occasions I am unable to get the privilege of getting a space inside the mosque, so I settled on the road beside the mosque along with many other people.

Just before starting Namaz a guy came rushing to get a space so that he could perform Namaz.

I had left my sandals near to me and in order to get space beside me and he threw my sandals away along with many other people’s ruthlessly. He was so unconscious that he had no idea what he was doing.

I watched him throw everyone’s sandals and was thinking, this is how we behave when we are unconscious.

One of the goal to perform daily prayers in Islam is to gain consciousness, and it’s very strange that we are performing our daily prayers unconsciously.


The Social Network

Couple of days ago I re-watched movie “The Social Network”.

I had seen this movie earlier at the time of its release but now it was as if I was watching it for the first time.

I found new respect for Sean Parker, and after watching the movie I researched about him and his business endeavours. The guy is awesome and he is kind of silent hero for Facebook. The turn of events that led Facebook to its heights was due to him. I encourage you to read about him and get to know about his carrier.

As I recall, earlier I watched this movie considering Mark Zuckerberg as an evil character  and Eduardo Saverin (the other guy) as oppressed man. Now as I watched it again Mark sounded like a sane person, and I completely understood why he did whatever he did to save Facebook from wrong hands.

One peculiar thing I noticed from the movie was that everyone was so determined to get what they wanted, and it was as if all of them were on a mission.


How To Never Fail In Life

The short answer is never try…!!

Because where there is a try there is a chance of success and failure.

In my college days I tried to have a technical and informational website, I continued running my website for about 6 months but then I lost interest in it.
It was (do not follow the link, it is not working now) nice name isn’t.!

I failed in it.

I tried to have a Facebook page with the same name and was gunning for a million followers.
Well, I still have that page and it has about 300+ followers.
At that time there was no such thing as promoting a page and everyone had a equal opportunity to get to the audience, but then they started changing the polices and I left behind.
My page still have 300+ followers and now that I have started doing things on the internet I post it there regularly. But I consider it as a failure since I could not achieved my goal within the time frame that I had set for myself.

In my college days we use to copy the previous examination question papers from a photo copier. I thought of making a website for the same and I created a little website which had all the previous papers, I scanned all the papers and uploaded it there. Nobody came to download or visit the website. I guess nobody knew that there was a website and I was too chicken to publicize so only a very few friends knew about it and some of them thought that it was not a good idea.

So it failed miserably.

Among many other adventures, these are the ones which are very public in nature. I believe the reason for almost all of the failures directly or indirectly were that I got affected by the feedback and ridicule from my friends almost every time. I remember all those moments vividly.

I still am trying many things and I don’t know if I would be successful or not. But I know one thing for sure and that is, as long as I try there’s a chance.

I hate failing because it hurts, but between not trying and failing I choose failing.