The Journey Is The Reward

It could not be more true than this, we all have rejoiced over Leonardo’s triumph.
Leonardo DiCaprio was first nominated for Oscars when he was 19, for the movie “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”. It was a great movie and Leonardo played a role of retarded brother, I cried in the ending, it was a very emotional movie.

leonardoLeonardo has been in entertainment business for two decades now and finally he has won the Oscar, but in the mean time he has won everyone’s heart by his outstanding performances in almost every movie.

What struck me most was if he would have done all this just for the Oscars then he would not have gone this far. Turns out that it’s not about Oscars rather it’s about doing the thing he loved to do.

It would have been very painful if it was only about the Oscars.

Steve Jobs was right all along as he always use to say, “The journey is the reward”.

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