Happiness Notion

There is notion in our country that life is a cycle of happiness, pain and misery, and it’s not possible to stay happy all the time. That’s how I have been programmed in my early days by people around me, and you also have heard it somewhere.

But then, if we think about it we only know people like us, and we have no idea how really successful people of our time live their life.
What are their life philosophy?
How they look at life?
Is it the same way that we look at it?
And if it is not then, what is it?

I always wanted answers to these questions.

In my recent interaction with some very successful people, I found that they are having an extremely happy and fulfilling life,  and that also resonate with things that I have learned in the books.

Turns out that yes, it is possible to be in a cycle of unlimited happiness and prosperity.

But before that we have to have a change in mindset, and we have to start believing that yes it is possible.  I think it’s the difficult part, but once we start believing, good thing would happen to us.



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