A Childhood Memory

Our mind is an amazing part of our body, it works in a mysterious way.

Around 20 years back there was a flood in my hometown and we were very excited about it, as it was the time we were going to see it. I was too small to remember anything but I remember this one incident vividly.

In the evening  I was waiting for my mamu, as he promised to come home with my favorite chocolate (I don’t remember what it was),  and late in the evening he arrived, but not with the chocolate which I had in mind rather he came with “munch”.

I was not happy but I stayed quiet and took it, I remember being reminded by my mother to be grateful with what I have. I expressed my feeble attempt to thank mamu and then went on the roof to enjoy what I had.

It was an amazing experience, with moonlight shining over water waves, and a cool breeze.

it was majestic.
The point is, I remember it so vividly as if it has happened last night, but in reality it has been 2 decades now and it has become one of my very precious memories from the past and I rejoice it almost everyday with a munch in my hand.
I still wonder how our mind works, indeed it’s the most complicated machinery in the universe.



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