My First Clue At Sucking..!

A picture says a thousands words, let me tell you how..!

one of my friends saw a picture of mine which was highlighted on Facebook from its “see your memories”  feature.

She asked with an exclamation mark, (not in a good way) , “was this really you..!?” , looking at one of my pictures taken 3 years back. I looked really cool and confident in that pic.


I sensed the tone and immediately got the message,and it was one of those messages that I needed badly at that time. I said nothing, since I was asking the same question to myself everyday. I guess I needed someone else to ask that question to me.

I still remember her words crystal clear and it got me into thinking,

What have I become?
Why am I so helpless and full of frustration?

I tell you that the feeling of helplessness is one if the worst feelings in the world , and i felt helpless and miserable for most of the time during that time.

It was a realization that I have to change and I have to get better than my previous self everyday.

This was really gradual and I got help from everywhere, and I started finding learning from everywhere and now when I think about it I have a really great experience and I believe that life is all about the experiences we had.

Nobody wants to drink mango juice at the beach for the rest of their life, but then everyone wants to have an experience of it at least once.



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